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Dad, May 26, 2006

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16th: Alex and Ania's17th Wedding Anniversary!
24th: David and Melanie's 12th Wedding Anniversary
24th:  Happy Easter! 
28th: Ryan and Anne's 10th Wedding Anniversary
29th: Lewis Isom's 7th birthday
30th  Rachel's 8th birthday


10th:  Claire Isom's 11th birthday
22nd: Gloria's 69th birthday
27th:  Dad's 74th birthday!
30th:  Memorial Day


11th: Lena's 18th birthday
12th: David's 35th birthday
             Evan Hilton's 18th birthday
24th: Artyom's 14th birthday
22nd: Erica's husband, Patrick's 29th birthday.
25th: Jeannette's 44th birthday
25th: Big party for Aunt Mary's CENTENNIAL is scheduled!
             Read about and see pictures of Aunt Mary's 95th birthday!
             Read Aunt Mary's write-up in the Beehive honoring her 100 years!
27th: Aunt Mary Lewis Riggs turns 100!
28th: Scott Perry's 36th birthday
29th: Adam Isom's 20th birthday
29th: FAMILY REUNION begins today, in Colorado!  Dad is coming this year too!


1st:   FAMILY REUNION concludes today
2nd: Julia Isom's 17th birthday
14th: Lorena's 33nd birthday
19th: John Isom's 10th birthday
27th: Raymond's (Dad's brother) 65th birthday
28th: Gregory Isom's 14th birthday


1st:   Alex's 40th birthday
              Elizabeth's 5th birthday
11th  Robert's 3rd birthday
21st: Warren & Sharleen's 7th Wedding Anniversary
25th: Nataly Hilton's 8th birthday
28th: Matthew de Gaston's 10th birthday


15th: Grace Roberts' 2nd birthday
18th: Liesl Taylor's 7th birthday
21st: Larry Hilton's 53rd birthday
26th: Jeannine's 42nd birthday
28th: Madeleine Perry's 6th birthday


1st:   Aunt Cami Melbourne's 72nd birthday
               Payson Asher Lewis' 4th birthday
5th:   Catherine's 37th birthday
               Kenneth Max Lewis' 1st birthday
14th: Weston Taylor's 36th birthday
16th: Deana de Gaston's 39th birthday
19th: Grandma Jackie's 71st birthday
30th: Erica's 27th birthday


7th:   Larry and Jeannette's 24th wedding anniversary
8th:   Michael Perry's 8th birthday
9th:   Dad and Deana's 4th wedding Anniversary!
               Issac Robert's 5th birthday
16th: Sarah Catherine's 1st birthday
24th: Thanksgiving Day
27th: Sarah Hilton's 14th birthday
30th: Ania's 43rd birthday


3rd:  Andrew Perry's 3rd birthday
4th:   Melanie's 33rd birthday
Joseph and James Camacho's 8th birthday
14th: Scott and Lorena Perry's 11th wedding anniversary!
19th: Thomas and Jeannine Isom's 24th wedding anniversary!


20th: Scott Hilton's 16th birthday
21st: Sharleen's 30th birthday
25th: Bradley Hilton's 23rd birthday
28th: Hannah de Gaston's 7th birthday
30th: David Camacho's 10th birthday


1st: Warren Roberts' 32nd Birthday
4th: Ivonne Hilton's 12th birthday
6th: Lorraine Hilton's 21st birthday
12th: Ryan Camacho's 33rd birthday
20th: Marta Taylor's 5th birthday
23rd: Brianna de Gaston's 17th birthday
26th: Anthony de Gaston's 15th birthday
28th: Anne's 32nd birthday


1st:   Zachary Isom's 2nd birthday
13th: Daniel's 26th birthday
15th: Valentina's (Deana's mother)) 60th birthday
17th: Jonathan's 12th birthday
21st: Natasha's (Deana's sister) 25th birthday
28th: Thomas Isom's 47th birthday

Deana wants these healthy pictures of Dad...and none of herself on this page!

July 4, 2007

These two medals, 2
weeks apart, Fall, 2001

03 10  4  Dad, St George Marathon, just him RED W302 H950 BRIGHTENED
St. George Marathon
November 4, 2003


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