Deana de Gaston,
Dzina Gry'gorauna Kondratyenko, Born October 16, 1972
Дзiна Грыгорауна Кандратенко дi Гастон


Deana and Neal married on November 9, 2007 in Mogilyov, Belarus.
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07 11  9  Neal facing Dz, heads to camera, flwrs ov N's right shoulder CRPD RED W786 H476  IMG_4601

2nd Anniversary

Robert Alexisovich de Gaston: Our first baby!
Boy, Weight = 1.9Kg, Length=42cm

Time 11:55PM EEDT Monday, August 11, 2008

Due September 25 but delivered by C-section during the night of August 11-12.

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      and 20-year acquaintantship friends from her college days!

She loves flowers and the color red!

Dzina at 6 years of age with her binoculars, and then at 9 years of
age with a Komsmol pin on her white pinafore
     Dzina, 9 yrs, w Komsmol H750  pin & no smile

Deana's degrees in systems engineering, retraining as an accountant, and
advanced degree as an "Economist"!

Dzina Diplomas of Systems Eng 721980, Bkkpr-'Economist 721980 img165

Dzina Diploma in Retraining DVP No 056417 Mar 30, 1994  img164

Dzina in 1999 (when she was 26 going on 27)

99  Deana, in black with large white dots, lovely hair-d12:55 PM 6/30/2009

Dzina at about 30-31 years of age, as are all the brocaded pictures

Dzina, about 30, smile, repaired believably     02-03  period are all brocaded ones, including PROFILE fotos RED80PCT CRPD-RD H695

Dzina in Greece, June, 2006. Beach photos were taken on the island of Crete.

07  7 10  Foto, Dina CRPD  RED H525 W286 2006 5 07  7 24  Foto, Dina, beach, red ped-pshrs n spider shirt, red hibiscus R-ear, DnC cap good smile, arms outstretched H525 W474 IMG_0070 07  7 19  Foto, Pointing across the sea to Neal is Dina_CRPD H525 W596  2006_9

07  7 26  Foto, Dina Rechiskaya, red swim suit wi octopus  2006 3  CRPD H536 W402 07  8 16  Foto, Dina in red bathing suit, holding exquisite sea urchin, Greece-H536 W402  2006 144

07  8 16  Foto, Dina in red bathing suit, holding yellow scarf, pointing to Neal in PHX fr Greece-H800 W744  2006 040

Dzina at 34 years of age. These are the pictures she had on
the WebLoveFinder site when Neal "discovered" her.
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07  6 18  Foto, Dina Rechackaia, PROFILE 1 of 2 H525      07  6 18  Foto, Dina Rechackaia, PROFILE 2 of 2 H525
Neal's Profile on WebLoveFinder

This picture was taken about 10½ months before we married.

08 10 13  scanned, Dzina at age 34, 12-25-06, in black dress & earrings 300dpi  002 W432 H825 REV.JPG
Dzina, January 16, 2007, in picture she sent to me after we became "friends"

07  7 17  Foto, Dina, my friend, in black dress with flowers about, standing, smiling, crpd RED H825 W584

Dzina (Дзина) and I meet face to face for the first time in Kiev, Ukraine, October 19, 2007

07 10 19  Dzina, in Kiev, Ukraine, pic inside, day of mtg H960  P1010030   07 10 19  Dad, in Kiev, Ukraine, pic inside, sitting relaxed H960  P1010027   07 10 19  Dzina, in Kiev, Ukraine, pic inside, pleasant miens H960  P1010025

Scenes in Deana's city, Mogilyov, Belarus, where she was born, raised, and educated.
(There is only one Metro Station, "M", so there are no trains and tunnels.)

07  8  6  mogilev1, train station   07  8  6  mogilev3, Metro restaurant
07  8  6  mogilev5   07  8  6  mogilev4

Dzina Greets Neal at Minsk2 Airport, January 7, 2008

08  1  7  Dzina greets me as I come out of Tamozhno at Minsk, Belarus Airport ROT W900  P1070011

08  1  7  Dina, bust, greets Neal at Minsk Airport W700  P1070021

Neal & Deanna wedded & webbed together Friday, July 11, 2008, at
Mogilyov Museum of Ethnology (Pauk [pah-ook] decoration featured)

08  7 11  Museum 37,  Dzina & Neal, wedded, also webbed together w pauk [pah-OOK] decoration RED50PCT  P7110040

Pictures of Dzina with her mother and sister, taken in her mother's dom,
Thursday, July 17, 2008 (Dzina is 6 1/2 months pregnant.)

08  7 17  Deana w mother, Valentina, & sister, Natasha RED60PCT  P7170183  08  7 17  Valentina & SIStER Natasha Morgunova a home, lunch RED60PCT  P7170182  08  7 17  Mother's dom for lunch, Deana, Valentina, & Natasha RED60PCT  P7170184

The Queen & Consort

August 10, 2008, One day before Robert borne

08  8 10  Dzina in Quad nr dom w playgrnd LIGHT BALANCE TWEAKED CRPD RED450x600  P8100025    08  8 10  Deana on road to church about 33 hours before Robert born CRPD RED450x600  P8100003
08  8 10  Neal crouched in S Nich church garden w flowers CRPPD W675 H900 RED450x600  P8100010    08  8 10  Dzina in church yard of St Nicholas wi red roses W450 H600  P8100014

Pictures taken December 27, 2008

08 12 27  SCM Party 2, Deana in suede coat w fur collar CRPD to head  028   08 12 27  SCM Party 1, Deana   021

Only for You  1 RED30PCT

Evgania (Party for 45th birthday, June 27, 2009),
Deana, Neal, & Julia

09  7 27  Evgania, Deana, Neal, Julia RED30PCT  P6270046

Deana (wearing jewlery that Cami gave her) at Evgenia's birthday party and on walk home.

09  6 27  Dzina w roses, daisies, jewelery fr Cami CRPD RED24PCT  P6270032

09  6 27  Dzina de Gaston, white yellow-centered daisies  RED30PCT

Natasha, Deana's younger sister married Sergay on July 11, 2009.
You will find many pictures of Dad, Dzina, and Robert as well as
other family members. Also some of the beauties of Mogilyov are
to be seen.
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09  7 11  Sovietskay  5 820x1094  P7110206

Beethoven's EMPEROR, Mvmts 2,3