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Science and Technology

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 Photos and text describing cells, etc.

Hidden blood stainsRevealed blood stains    Blood, detect its presence in washed
clothes, etc., with the LUMINOL test!

Earthquakes, Data and Information, immediate response, and past historys (This is really an invaluable set of links!)

Remove Terrorists and protect assets from buildings, tunnels, and underground facilities, a great idea by Dad.

Grand Pictorial Zoom: Explore from Quarks (smallest "known" elements of matter) to 10 million light years from the Milky Way with great pictures in zooming steps of 10.

See Aerial and Space Photographs of Earth:
   Space  See Photographs of the Earth from Space! (Try clicking on the "Image of the Week" to start, or "gallery" [which is to the left]!)
   Aerial and Space   Incredible pictures from the air and space through this site. To see a picture of Dad's house (about 60 meters East and 50 meters South of the pictures midpoint) click here!
   St. Petersburg Russia from space as seen in the infrared (November 1, 2000)!
   Image of the Day by OSEI  The Operational Significant Event Imagery team produces high-resolution, detailed imagery of significant environmental events which are visible in remotely-sensed data available at the NOAA Science Center in Suitland, Maryland

Russian Science and Engineering with Boris Belitzky on Radio Voice of Russia (Радио Голос России)

Satellite Sighting and Tracking; Go here to see when any satellite may be visible from any city!

Star Map with ability to click on hundreds of stars, planets, etc and get data, as well as seeing where they are in the sky.

Map of closed trails in Yellowstone Park due to supervolcano.
Dad thinks there is a lot of good information here, but does not subscribe to, endorse, or necessarily believe any religious interpretations re Doomsday contained in the below references.

Supervolcano - Yellowstone National Park
Online discussion of this phenomenon

Astronomy!  Click here for interesting astronomical topics!    Andromeda Nebula, small size
    Click here for the International Space Station!
Stardust   Earth Flyby: January 15, 2001    


Nuclear  Submarines

Submarine  Photos, Videos, and Graphics

Physics..the Emperor of Sciences!

Chemistry, Periodic Table of the Elements

Mathematics...the servant discipline

Can you put a spoon in a MICROWAVE OVEN?      Click here for the answer, and lots of fun experiments to do with your microwave oven...but be careful!

Computer Monitor Technology Explanied...a concise description that presumes some technical background, but puts the different monitor technologies into perspective.

3-D viewing: Electronically active (shutter) glasses now are replacing the polarized film glasses used during my high school years (early 1950's). I always liked the easy to wear, cheap, but excellent results polarized film glasses issued at the movie theaters...and then kep for fun or thrown away like a used paper cup.

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