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A. Neal de Gaston


Dad before statue of David Evans, Saturday, June 23, 2001 Dad, the family man, on Brandenburger Strasse,Potsdam, Germany on May 6, 2001
Dad before the statue of David Evans,
Saturday June 23, 2001
Dad, the family man, on Brandenburger Strasse,
Potsdam, Germany, May 6, 2001

Dad completed two marathons two weeks apart, September 26 and October 6, 2001!
Dad's two marathon medals WITHIN 2 WEEKS, 2001.

New Year 2010-2011, back in Highland Utah because of automobile incident. Pics taken at the Hiltons' as the New Year arrived, and some beautiful photos on January 1 after about 2 days of storming...but temps became quite cold.

December 13, 2010 Dad returned to Phoenix from Mogilyov, visited the Lewises in Sahuarita on the 19th, and spent Christmas at the Hiltons' in Highland, Utah.

November 18-29, 2010 Neal went on a trip and "pilgrimage" to Israel and Jordan. He visited the country at large including (with numerous holy and historical entities) Ben Gurion Airport, Jaffa, Tel-Aviv, Netanya, Nazareth, Jesus' Baptismal Site, Fish dinner from Sea of Galilee, Mount of Beatitudes, Caesaria, Haifa, Jerusalem, Dead Sea, Eilat, and Petra in Jordan in this great journey.

September 11-22, 2010 Neal went to Sunnybeach (just north of Burgas), Bulgaria. From there he took a two-day trip to Istanbul, Turkey.

July 28 through August 12, 2010, Dad went on a tour to Budva, Montenegro, on the Adriatic coast. The country's scenery is astounding, the water clearer than crystal, and there are many tourist attractions. Dad went to Dubrovnik, Croatia...a real gem of the Adriatic, a republic since the 5th Century AD. Also he took a day's tour to Albania (whom the Albanians call Shqipyoria) and saw a country that is awakening and whose people love Americans. You will enjoy the pics of Budva, and also the cities of Herceg Novia and Kotor, all in Montenegro (means black mountain as does its name in Montegran of Crna Gora an in Russian of Chernogoriya).

July 27, 2010,  Neal and Deana spent some time in Minsk before his departure for the "Budva" trip". These pictures are high resolution (about 2MB each), but displayed at only 1160 pixels width. Instructions are given as to how to download the full resolution photographs.

October 14-25, 2009,  Dad's 7-country tour from Mogilyov, Belarus through Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Austria, Italy, San Marino, the Vatican State, Germany, and then home again across Poland and most of Belarus. So Dad picked up 4 new countries, saw Budapest, Vienna and Venice again, the City-Republic of San Marino, Rome, Napoli, Pompei, Pisa (Dad stood on the very top of the "Leaning Tower"), Genoa, Florence, Innsbruck again, and finally toured Munich, also again, before heading home overland to Mogilyov.

September 13, 2009, Dad took Deana and Robert to the very historic city, POLOTSK (ПОЛОЦК) founded by Varangians in 832 AD at the confluence of the Polatva and West Dzvina Rivers.

August 19-28, 2009, Dad's tour through Riga (Latvia), Scandinavia, Hamburg (Germany), and across Poland

July 25, 2009, Reunion of Deana's classmates after 20 years of meeting, and 15 years after graduation

July 25, 2009, Dad made a BIG run and took pictures. How many have such a beautiful and varied 24 km (or as much more as one might want to make it) cross-country route?

July 11-12, 2009 Natasha's Traditional Belarusian Wedding!  Deana's younger sister marries Sergay in a traditional Belarusian first marriage.  This is of cultural interest as well as many pictures of Dad, Deana, and Robert. You will see many members of the family, and the wedding with the tours afterwards, and the two days of celebration...Prazdnick!   Links to three short videos are also provided which will give you the atmosphere as you hear music and see action.

June 30, 2009, Поле Буйничи, trip to the "Violent-Field Memorial of Memory", of 82,477 killed in 1941 battle.

June 30, 2009, Trip to the Mogilyov Zoo

May 14-16, 2009, Pictures from 50th-year Anniversary of Dad's graduation from Cal-Tech.
        Dad graduated June 12, 1959, see diploma!

March 25 - May 28, 2006, Moving ties to property line to prevent "squatting" by neighbor; Geese, Mama Duck, and ducklings on the Arizona Canal; David, Melanie, the 3 oldest kids, and the new Chocktaw home (demolished by a tornado in the Spring of 2010, then Family Reunion in Provo; Dad's birthday celebration at Smart Cookis, with many of his "Smart Cookies"!

April 2, 1972, EASTER while Dad(dy) lived on Casselle in Orange, California. The first 3 children are present along with Mama Jackie.

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October 13, 2001, visit to David in CO, Provo, Catherine's Bar adm: Nov 15 David thesis defense.

August 25, 2001, Jackie, Neal in Twin Cities: Sep 19-22 Provo Erica: Oct 13,14 Matt's blessing: Sunday August 26th, Dad and Dennis Taylor at the confluence of the Rum and Mississippi Rivers (Minnesota).

August 18, 2001, Leticia decorated: August 19th, John Isom blessed: 22-23, Mustang engine after cleaning: 24th Cath's Open House: Saturday August 25 (the dates on the photos are advanced one day) Lake Minnitonka, Dad in Twin Cities.

August 18, 2001 Saturday, Here is the next roll of Catherine's Wedding. Pictures are on the Temple grounds, then succeedingly at the Luncheon and the Reception.

July 8 - August 18, 2001, Sunday, Pictures from the Benicial (North) side of the Sacramento River with the Martinez-Benecia bridge are shown with Jeannette and family. Next, there is the visit to Disneyland with Dad/Granpa and Larry and Jeannette and thier six children on July 17. Then we see pictures the day before the wedding of dress-up by some grandchildren, and then the first pictures of Catherine and Weston's wedding at (Mt. Timpanogas Temple), August 18, 2001.

June 23, 2001, Saturday, Catherine at David Evan's Family Reunion picnic with Alfred Heywood and cousins. Lorena with Scott and Kay in Wymount apartment. Dad and Catherine after 5k race on July 4th in Provo, then the Freedom parade in PROVO City. This roll ends with Evan's baptisms in Martinez, Saturday, July 7, 2001.

April 18-26, 2001, Lunch with drug representative, through BYU Commencement onset Thursday, April 26, 2001. This is the first roll with the new small Olympus camera. There are pictures of Dad, Dad trying out the flash via mirror, terrible accident in the neighborhood, office staff, and ushering the graduates into the Marriott Center for Commencement.

BYU Commencement, April 26, 2001, followed by dinner at Los Hermanos in Orem, and then casual shots

Thursday, April 27, 2001 Science-Engineering Convocation where David and Anne received their diplomas, and then the Law School Convocation where Catherine obtained her diploma (Pictures of David, Anne, and Catherine were obtained up close)

Friday and Saturday, April 27 and 28, 2001. Three photos: Dad and Catherine (27th); Ryan and Anne walking in just before married (28th); Ryan and Anne as they exit temple

Saturday, April 28, 2001 Anne's wedding day - This roll starts with Ryan and Anne coming out of Temple right after ceremony, then various groupings of family members, some excellent portraits. Later more pictures at the Luncheon, and then the first two of the cake cutting at the Reception

May 7-10, 2001, Potsdam: Tanja in Potsdam and at Alexis Cafe, me (Alexis Cafe and before Einstein Tower), Geophysical Research Center at Univ. of Potsdam (library and other), beautiful statute, Dutch Quarter, Cami and me at Brandenburger Strasse, BUGA Fest with beautiful flowers and Cami with Bill.

Thursday and Friday, May 10 and 11, 2001 Potsdam on Thursday, and then Berlin on Friday. Berlin pictures include Charlottenburg, pictures of "East" Berlin, views from 204 meter level of the Fernsehturm, and Cami and Bill at restaurant with Pearlita and Helmut

Saturday, May 12 through Saturday, May 26, 2001 Pictures including Sat May 12, 2001 Berlin; Heathrow May 14; Houston May 26 with Ray and Debbie de Gaston.

Saturday May 26 through Saturday June 23, 2001 These pictures include Ray de Gaston in Galveston, Lorena in "Hello Dolly" the night of June 22, and the Evans reunion and David Evans' statue unveiling in Lehi Saturday June 23 (with a picture of me with ggg-granfather David Evans).

September 24, 2000 and October 14, 2000 Here are pictures of Lorena and Scott two and one half months before they were married, and also Bradley taking a swim (with some of his siblings). Bradley was doing his Life Saving Boy Scouts merit badge

Dad's trip to Provo, July 1-4, 2000: Dad with David, Melanie, and Jonathan (3 1/2 months) at picnic, rocket firing, and Dad's garden upon return home.

Dad in Berlin, Thursday night May 11, then Freiberg on May 12 (pictures of the temple), and then Potsdam/Wannsee (Tief See & Havel River), Saturday, May 13, 2000.