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   Preventive Medicine doesn't work, and smart doctors are too expensive!

   Ongoing Clinical Trials and Disease Information for most all diseases.     
 A very good site!      Learn about TREATMENT OPTIONS for diseases!      

Anthrax, biological threat, what the U. S. Postal Service recommends re looking for suspicious mail, and what to do.


  Rheumatoid Arthritis (The Arthritis Foundation) Use the "Find:" feature!
  Scleroderma, and the lung
  Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (Lupus foundation of America)
    Lupus Pneumonia, How it attacks the lung producing "pneumonia" as seen under the microscope
    Lupus Pneumonitis, Diagnosis of exclusion, if not bacterial or viral found as causes
    FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions) about systemic lupus erythematosus

Blood Pressure, National Institutes for Health, very useful and instructive set of topics.

  Cancer defined, G proteins, TSH, Thyroid and other cancers, fluoride as a carcinogen
  Cancer often very painful.  Relief of Pain!  (Unfortunately it's a fact, that most patients are undertreated for pain because the doctors fear repercussions!)
  Fat/Obesity links to cancer causes 90,000 preventable cancer deaths in the USA which could be avoided if no one were fat!
  Abortion increases breast cancer risk by up to 50%!
  Prostate Cancer: What is your risk? Take this simple test!
  City of Hope, major CA center in California answers questions about 5 major cancers and their treatment modalities. This is a great site for information.

Chest X-rays: . Learn how to read an X-ray using practical examples from chest trauma, smoking, etc. After going to the site by clicking below, click on "Jud W. Gurney, M.D. Chest Lecture Series" (You will find this selection below the titles on the "Basic Chest X-Ray Review" page.)!

CHOLESTEROL (What do "cholesterol", hypercholesterolemia, and hyperlipidemia all mean to you and your health?):
  National Institutes for Health, you really need to read over this and the link below.
  Lipitor, the medicine and much useful information including diets. You will like this site, and can sign up for a regular newsletter.
  Cholesterol profile improved with exercise, even if no weight loss
  Super-Low Cholesterol stops heart disease (lowering LDL below 80 mg/dl).

DIABETES MELLITUS ("Sugar Diabetes"): Did you know that a 10% reduction in weight of obese persons reduces the chance of getting Type II Diabetes (Adult Onset Diabetes) by 60%?   Also see "GLUCOSE INTOLERANCE" below!
  A Diabetes "Home Page" with definitions of Types I and II, and all kinds of links to answer your questions.
  News of Diabetes, and diabetes-related diseases is available here as well as tips and answers to many of your questions.

EPILEPSY, defined, diagnosis & treatment: See the animated explanation of how the brain and nerves work!

FLUORIDE, material on the controversy over deleterious side effects versus benefit, if any:
  Thyroid and other excellent technical article
  50 reasons to oppose fluoridation of water supplies
  Chemical Engineering News review article of world-wide scope after 40 years of fluoridation (August 1, 1988). There are a few hyperlinks, but no real bibliography.

(Electro-)Magnetic Field Radiation, how safe is it?

FLU (Influenza):
  Flu, How to differentiate between the flu and the cold.
  Flu or Cold? (Audio-Visual)
  Flu Virus: How it infects. (Audio-Visual)
  Flu, the CDC Flu Web Site
  Flu, Treatise on Influenza

GLUCOSE INTOLERANCE (Diabetes and Hypoglycemia).   Also see "DIABETES MELLITUS above!

Heart Risk Factors' Information including high blood pressure, obesity, cholesterol, heart attacks, and many other cardiovascular information topics.

Hygiene Check out the germs on fast food restaurant trays!

  Hoof and Mouth Disease

     DEFINED: An acute, highly contagious degenerative viral disease of cattle and other cloven-hoofed animals, characterized by fever and the eruption of vesicles around the mouth and hooves. It is usually not fatal. Also called foot-and-mouth disease.

  Prion Diseases (Mad Cow, Kuru, Creutzfeld-Jakob, GSS)
  Tapeworms Beef and Pork

Mercury, thimerosal, and autism

Multiple Sclerosis, a disease of the central nervous system.

  Adipose (Fat) tissue, how it develops, brown and white fat, metabolism, etc. excellent treatise.
  Obesity (being fat) costs Americans up to $93 billion each year!
  Fat/Obesity links to cancer causes 90,000 preventable cancer deaths in the USA which could be avoided if no one were fat!
  Menopause: Why it equals extra pounds (low estrogen seems the reason).
  Calculate your BMI here with this nomogram right on your monitor!


  Relief of Pain!  (Unfortunately it's a fact, that most patients are undertreated for pain because the doctors fear repercussions!)
  Low Back Pain, Self Physical Therapy, i.e., exercises.

PERIPHERAL NEUROAPATHY  (Diabetes, Atherosclerosis, etc.)

Pregnancy risk increases after a woman is 35 years old.
Abortion increases breast cancer risk by up to 50%!
Amniocentesis; Why done (Down's, Tay-Sachs, etc), risks, when to do, etc. (With Translation into Russian)
Common Gastrointestinal Problems in Pregnancy
Danger Signs, Pre-term Labor, Perinatal Mortality, and Treatment for Pre-term Labor:
Embryonic and Fetal Growth and Development; sizes, weights, appearances, and internal development.
Vaginal Bleeding During Pregnancy (With Translation into Russian):

POTTY TRAIN YOUR TOT IN ONE DAY!  This article contains other interesting links.  A VIDEO link actually shows how the "Expert" trains "live" children as was shown on the "Today Show".

  Antisocial Personality, Sociopath, Psychopath: Definitive Paper by Dr. Tom O'Connor
     who teaches Forensic Psychology at Wesleyan.
  Depression, a major and increasing national health problem. Learn about it, watch the video, take the test,
     go to more links, all from this link!
  Free Tests as well as explanations for many Encounter, Personality, Aptitude, and Intelligence Tests
     in this online Resource Guide.


SPIDERS: Do you like the itsee-bitsee spiders, well some are very dangerous.         
        The BROWN RECLUSE SPIDER, see dramatic photos of a patient who loses flesh from his hand...
         but not his life...learn to recognize the spider and avoid it!

YEAST INFECTIONS:  Vaginal Yeast Infection Basics

DIETS AND EXERCISE: Create your own diet plan for free!

Diets To Prevent Cancer

Obesity-Fighting Diets by WebMD Weight Loss Clinic
for losing weight.

Fight obesity by taking orlistat (Alli 60mg or Xenical 120mg)

Fight obesity by consuming Grapefruit!
Fight bone fractures by consuming Calcium and Vitamin D.

Metanx, Folate, B6, and B12;   Overview of Metanx� a compact formulation of 3 vitamins that can protect peripheral
nerves and blood vessels as in diabetes.  This article helps to understand, why these vitamins may help.

  What day will you die? The Ways We Americans Are Dying!

Dr. de Gaston before the Cathedral of Tears, St. Petersburg, Russia.