Although Mozart sassed his superiors now and then, Beethoven was the first composer to really let the aristocracy have it between the eyes. He wrote most of his Fourth Symphony in the fall of 1806 while a guest at the summer castle of Prince Lichnowsky. One evening, while the Prince was entertaining, he assured his visitors that the great Beethoven would play the piano for them. Beethoven, however, did not like being treated as a toy puppet, and refused. The Prince pled ever more urgently, desperate not to be humiliated before his rich friends, and finally tried joking that he would have to put Beethoven under house arrest. At this Beethoven blew his stack, called the Prince several unprintable names, and stormed out of the castle. He stomped through a rainstorm to the closest town, where he spent the night at the home of the Prince's physician, Dr. Weiser. The next morning he sent this note to his former host:

"Prince! What you are, you are by accident of birth. What I am, I am through myself. There have been and will be thousands of princes. There is only one Beethoven."