LAST UPDATE: JANUARY 26, 2012 Thatcher

Dad is to be Buried in Thatcher, Arizona

Oh, don't bury Dad on the lone praire!   Please bury him with his kin in the
Thatcher Cemetery!

O Bury Me Not on the LONE Prairie!" rendered by Roy Rogers & the Sons of the Pioneers

         Alex and I left my home in Phoenix on June 25, 2011 to go visit the burial ground of some of our ancestors which is the "Thatcher Cemetery".  We spent the night a little East of Thatcher in a Sleep 6 Motel(?) because we were roughing it.  Alex curled up with his trusty laptop and felt quite safe. Our view of the stars was obstructed by something called a "ceiling".

         The next day we took pictures at the Gila Valley Temple, and then went to the Graveyard which we found WAS ON THE SOUTH-EAST PART OF TOWN.  So now all can find the Thatcher Cemetery.

         We took pictures of the grave yard, and enough of the lie of the land that the graves of our relatives (Dad's mother, grandfather & grandmother, etc.) that where Dad's body should be laid (beneath firm stone with eptaph engraved should protect him from coyotes and skunks) can be relatively ascertained. We wish a long life to relatives still living so that the ground won't have been all used by the time Dad passes away.

         On the way home we stopped and took pictures as we left the valley in which Thatcher is situated.  You can see that the rocks were quite colorful and strikingly formed.