Monday March 4, 2013

Dear Family/Friends, 
The infinity sign:    .   Is it a symbol for EVIL?
 From  I enter this bit of text (because I can't copy it as it is in a PDF file) with some minor editing as I go:
Originally the Greek word apeiron meant unbounded, infinite, indefinite, or undefined.  It was a negative, even pejorative word.  For the Greeks the original chaos our of which the world was formed was apeiron.  Aristotle thought being infinite was a privation, not perfection.  Pythagoreans didn't like  infinity and associated good with finite and evil with infinite.
Today we undestand (   , the infinity sign) to mean without limitation or BOUNDARY.
Morally we consider evil to be a lack of boundaries or limitations on intent and behavior.
Therefore the can be a symbol to denote evil.  The does sort of look like two vacant eyes, or eyes vacant of expression; which seems worse in the context of the evil of this woman whose mind is entangled by lies:
The infinity of lies lies without the BOUNDARIES of truth.  Tangled web of lies becomes chaos!
It is all in the intent of the user, yes?  So if any of you use   as a tatoo, what are you saying?  Are you saying that you will do anything (for a price perhaps), or do you have boundaries?

Little Lies