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Neal, May 26, 2006

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Dad's name in Etruscan, and you can write your name in Estruscan too!

Neal's children in August of 1995

50's Hit, "Cold, Cold, Heart", excerpt (851KB .wav file)

50's Hit, "When I Fall in Love", 14" excerpt (162KB .wav file)

50's Hit, "When I Fall in Love" sung by the Lettermen (2.3MB .mp3 file)

Country Hit, "Right or Wrong", Wanda Jackson (2.4MB .mp3 file)

"Ah! Sweet Mystery of Life, at last I have found thee!" from "Naughty Marietta" by Rudolph Primil (3.1MB .mp3 file)

"Sugartime", McGuire Sisters, 1950's (2.4MB .mp3 file)

The title song from the James Bond movie entitled, "For Your Eyes Only!"

Photo from the James Bond Picture made in 19?? by Sean Connery.

Marriage,-Spouse more important than all, ...

Marriage, Who can find a virtuous woman - priceless! Also Stevie Wonder's song, Isn't She Wonderful?

Interesting "exotic" MIDI compositions particularly suited to early PC market before broadband and mass storage:
"Symphony", a piece of MIDI music.    "Starman", a piece of MIDI music.

Excerpt from 1st Movement of Beethoven's 5th Piano Concerto (3.3Mb wav).

Beethoven's 9th Symphony ("Choral") has Schiller's words about "Joy"
or "Happiness" being the mainspring of "being". So also said the Prophet Joseph Smith.

Beethoven, a note to Count Lichnowsky!

Casta Diva excerpt from Bellini's opera, "Norma" (5.4Mb mp4 file).

Habanera excerpt from "Carmen" by Bizet.

Chopin's "Fantasie-Impromptu", Excerpt (999KB .wav file)".

"Rachmaninoff's 2nd Piano Concerto", (first 42 seconds)

See the "Earth rise in the dark of the lunar night above the lunarscape!

Beautiful winter scene of Park City's ski runs and mountains behind.

Cougar Statue at the BYU Stadium

The peacock in all of its splendor (not the NBC logo).

A beautiful picture of a seagull in flying at a Southern California beach cliff!

Chopin, a Brief Biography

Everything Secret Degenerates"

, Infinity, the Math Symbol as a symbol for Evil. The infinity of lies lies outside the boundaries of truth.

Due Process, Lesse v Hoboken;   Legal Definitions and links to law dictionaries;    Fraud & Mens Rea defined

Freedom Keys< Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty, and a hundred other great sayings by outstanding authors

Mormon Battalion and the Mexican War

Challenges and Conditions (30) of the Book of Mormon

Attitude is 90% and the other 10% is what happens to us

Sex Does Matter, some differences between men and women

Free Speech underpines obligatory and righteous judgment of opinions, candidates, and religions

Proclaiming Gospel to the World.    J. Fielding Smith said,
"If I say anything that is contrary to the scriptures, the scriptures prevail."

"Salvation", Brigham Young, lecture in the Tabernacle January 16, 1853
Mulitifaceted discourse with an emphasis on loving truth for "itself"

Achieving Moral Perfection, Benjamin Franklin's INVENTORY METHODLOLOGY!  Franklin massages and sort of uses Dad's phrase,
"I am so humble that I fear that I may be proud of my humility (and variations)!"

FAITH; PRAYER  Hebrews 11;  James 2, 5;  Ephesians 6;  I Corinthians 12, 13;  Alma 7, 32;  II Nephi 9

To Russell M. Nelson

Personal Assurance of God's love, and that of the love and gratitude of the Brethren by Elder Nelson

Scriptures and Holy Ghost’s Inspiration Is Test of Leaders, Not Vice-Versa

Dad's epitaph, to be remembered and deeply engraven on his gravestone* is a simple 3 words:
Righteous desires; Self-control
Праведные Желания; Самообладание

from "What Social Classes Owe Each Other" by William Graham Sumner

"Mormonism is enlightened self-interest."  (A. N. de Gaston, ~1970)
"Think ye well on how you do, for we shall all come to a grave ending!"  (A. N. de Gaston, 2002)
"Being [is]; perceiving, believing, receiving, conceiving."  (A. N. de Gaston, 2011)
"Wrap love around truth, not truth around love!"  (A. N. de Gaston, 2011)

*To be located in Thatcher, Arizona.


      Here are 961 fonts that are made available to all so that all my Web pages, E-mail, and attached documents can be read with the fonts that Dad is using. All you have to do is download all of these fonts into your Fonts directory in the Windows directory, or be eclectic, being sure that in your choosiness that you pick and download those fonts needed for any particular writing that you are perusing. I think that this will be a great advantage for using this medium!

"Marcha de Zacatecas", Mexican Patriotic Song