Resume and Some Publications of A. Neal de Gaston

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Angular Momemtum Transfer Through the Solar Chromosphere: A paper presented at
     the American Astronomical Society Meeting, August 9, 1968

Some Studies and Experiments Suggested by the Study of the Differential Rotation of the Sun

Charge Removal by Irradiation (9000 Curies of Stronium-90):   A paper I presented at
     the S.A.E. National Engineering and Manufacturing Meeting, San Diego
     Paper No. 720864, October 15, 1972

Ozone peaks at 70,000 to 100,000 feet, where supersonic and hypersonic transports
     would cruise. The effects of high ozone concentrations on people and the
     effects of these airliners on the ozone concentration levels are studied.

Creation and Use of a Vehicle Replacement Model: When do you replace your vehicle(s)?

Radar Technique Enhancement for Improving the Detection and Tracking of Low-flying Aircraft,
     The main thrust of this paper is to investigate and develop wideband and large time-bandwidth
     possibilities in order to exploit their theoretically greater information content.capability.

Range, Energy & Heat of Motion in an NBC, Anti-G, Anthropomorphic Tank Suit (ATS) (with co-
     authors J. Mastropaolo et al) published in the Journal of Aircraft ( an AFAA journal ), Vol 28,
     # 12, December 1991, pp 855-860.

California Community College Teaching Credential

Acta de Examen Profesional from the Universidad Autonoma de Ciudad Juarez, June 23 & 24, 1998.

Bachelor of Science from the California Institute of Technology June, 1959.

Doctor of Philosophy in Physics from Brigham Young University May 28, 1965.