Radio Stations

Music, Domestic & Foreign, Classics & 50's, and Other

(Tip: Choose for yourself the same name and password for all stations
asking you to register.   Also, download and keep on your
machines both MS Windows Media Player and Real Player but a nuisance to keep downloading and installing.


The Three "B's" of Music, from Whence?

  A classical music "true" Web station, "Beethoven Radio", not just Beethoven.   Here you can sign up to hear via your cell phone too!
BBC Radio 3's Classical Music Through the Night  Just click on the "Listen Live" when on the air, and when not,
         "On Demand" music from previous 7 days programming may be demanded.
KBYU FM, at Brigham Young University...also there is KBYU Television
  Opera 7/24/365 on 10 channels (Bel Canto, Oratorio, Broadway, etc.)
Mozart 24 hours a day
Portugese FM Radio Station (Especially for David, who speaks Portuguese)

50's, Country, Pop, Rock

   "mit den grössten Hits für Baden-Württemberg" German talk, American rock
         (Click on "Web Radio" in lower right blue column!)
Hits from the 50's
Bayern 3, German pop music station (most songs in English...Click under "Ja" on player of choice!)
"Radio 93,5 Klaysyka FM", Poland, not "Classical" as name says, but advertizes itself as
        "Najpiekniejsze Melodie" (The fidelity is excellent as with my telephone modem connection
        at 52 Kbps I regularly get 44Kbps of stereo but sometimes from 32 to 51Kbps)

Foreign Language Broadcasts, etc.

  News, continuous, broadcast from Germany in German,
        ("Horen uber" means to "Hear over", so click appropriate to your player of choice!)
Click here and then in the upper right corner of "Mega Latina" page for mixed hispanic
        lingo music from Madrid (not Barcelona), Spain!

Everything & Create Your Own Internet Broadcast Station

  You must really explore this station!

LDS General Conference, April, 2002

Click Photo of Conference Center to hear General Conference!
Be sure that you have current Windows Media on your computer!
Finally, click on "AVAILABLE STREAMS" of your choice (if a choice)!

KSL, Salt Lake City...BYU Football, etc.