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Lorena Janeal de Gaston Perry

Wife, mother, former BYU Student, Super Daughter,
Great Woman, and a Great Sister!
Born July 14 (Bastille Day), 1978

 FLASH:   Baby boy born Wednesday, December 3rd at 4:19 AM; 8lbs. 4 oz 21 inches and on his due date. This is Lorena's 3rd baby and second son.      Scroll to bottom and click on "Andrew Scott" for picture!!!  

     Lorena is a sweetheart, and smart too! She was a 4.0 in highschool, a four-year scholarship student at BYU, and did an Honor's Thesis. She now lives with her husband, Scott, sons Michael and Andrew, and a daughter, Madeleine, in Colorado.

Lorena Married Scott Perry    (Click!)

Lorena and Scott the day of their wedding,           Thursday, December 14, 2000

Lorena at Tahoe, Summer of 1996

Lorena sequenced pictures at Tahoe, Summer, 1996

Lorena used to do a lot of dancing! Here you see her fly through the air!
Lorena's flying leap
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(Click on Lorena's picture below to play "Isn't She Lovely!" by Stevie Wonder.)
Lorena visiting in Dad's office, August 23, 1999

Dad and Lorena in San Jose at her Open house, Saturday, December 21,
2000,one week after the wedding & reception in Provo.
Dad and Lorena at her Open House in San Jose

Lorena at 4 years of age in Primary Star class
Lorena at 4 years of age, Primary Star class

Lorena on April 22, 1984, about 12 weeks before her 6th birthday
84  4 22  Lorena, CRPD, Family Easter pic in Norco.jpg

Lorena's Files from about 1998 when she was at 75 Maeser Hall.

    Michael Stephen born November 8, 2003

    Madeleine Jane born September 28, 2005

    Andrew Scott born December 3, 2008

The happy family!
     December, 2003

May 30 - June 1, Dad visits the Perrys  in the "Cinnabar Castle

(including a link to the weather station on their backyard fence)"!

"Lorena", Civil War Song
"La Bamba"
Lorena at David's homecoming  Jul 27, 1997 modified.jpg