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Jeannine Cherilynn de Gaston Isom

Violinist and Music Teacher
Baccalaureate in Music

Jeannine' Wedding to Thomas Isom

Jeannine in 1974 at 5 years and 3 months

Jeannine at 5 years and 3 months in 1974

Jeannine with her three children; Adam, Julia, and Gregory, May, 1999.

Jeannine with Adam, Julia, and Gregory, May, 1999


Thomas and Jeannine
have seven children:
   Adam, born June 29, 1991. Click for Adam's picture, Saturday, December 15, 2001!
Julia, born July 2, 1994. Click for Julia's picture, Saturday, December 15, 2001!
Greg(ory), born July 28, 1995 Click for Greg's picture, Saturday, December 15, 2001!
Claire Elaine, born May 10, 2000. Click for Claire's picture, Saturday, December 15, 2001!
John Alexander, born July 19, 2001 Click for John's picture, Saturday, December 15, 2001!
Lewis Woodbury, born April 29, 2004. Click for Lewis' picture, Saturday, May 15, 2004!
Zachary Peter, born Tuesday, March 2, 2010. Click for Zachary's picture!

Thomas is an attorney who practices in the corporate world in nearby Orem.   Thomas at a
de Gaston family gathering, Thursday, April 26, 2001, celebrating the graduation that day of
four of my children (Jeannine's siblings) from BYU. In the picture at the right he is with
Jeannine, who gave birth to John 2 months and 23 days later.

Thomas with family at Los Hermanos, April 26, 2001

     +        At the Isoms' on July 6, 2002, the day of Julia's baptism         +    
Dad (Grandpa) and Julia       Adam and Julia       Scott and Thomas       Julia       Jeannine       Greg      

The Isom family at Thanksgiving, November 28, 2002

Thomas and Jeannine and family, Thanksgiving, November 28, 2002

03  6  9  Thomas and Jeannine Isom at Sunnymead Ranch Lake, Moreno Valley, CA  003 June 9, 2003, The Isom family visited Dad in Moreno Valley at his home and at "his" lake.
These are some good pictures of the Isom family at the time as well as beautiful roses in bloom at the house.

05 12 25  Isom Family pic fr Xmas red50pct  001

Jeannine with children minus Thomas and Adam. Photo taken at Aspen Grove
Amphlitheater, Summer of 2007

07 Summer  Jeannine and 5 youngest

Thomas and Jeannine at dinner "out" to which they invited me, Friday, May 29, 2009