August 5-13, 2013: Kiev and Odessa
Dad and Deana Meet in Kiev, and Visit Odessa, Ukraine too!

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      Dad returned to Mogilyov this year by meeting Deana in Kiev, Ukraine where we spent a few days getting my Belarusian visa and sight-seeing. Then we went to Odessa, also in Ukraine, on the Black Sea for 5 days. We then returned for a full day of picking up my visa, visiting the LDS Temple, sight-seeing, and doing some shopping for those who had been caring for Robert.

Kiev 1
Deana meets Dad in Kiev and we spend 3 busy days getting a visa and sight-seeing.

We spend August 8-13, 2013 having a great visit to historic but up-to-date Odessa including two days at the beach on the Black Sea.

Kiev 2
We arrived in the morning, went to the Kiev Temple (Mormon), picked up my visa at the Belarusian Embassy (a rather long wait), toured some more, bought presents, and tried to sleep on metal benches in the Vokzal until our train for Mogilyov departed on the morning of the 14th.

Promenade - Pictures at an Exhibition by Musourgsky