July 24 - 27, 2013
de Gaston Family Reunion, Duck Creek, Utah
Erica Marie de Gaston Lewis was the Hostess

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      This summer was enhanced by the great Family Reunion put together by Erica.  She, who lives south of Tucson, found an improbable place named Duck Creek in the mountains of Southern Utah...giving up the comfortable warmth of her summer and traveling a great distance to even be hailed on!  Within easy driving distance of Duck Creek through colorful country were 3 attractions to which many if not most went; Bryce Canyon, Cedar Breaks, and Mammoth Caves (very improbably named).

      Here is a picture of the Family all assembed before the Duck Creek Lodge (obtained from Alex's FaceBook posting) the morning of the Thursday the 25th:

Family Reunion, Duck Creek  A  July 24 & 25, 2013
Castle Valley, Big Rock Candy Mountain, Classic Fords, Hail Storm,
(causal family pics including wall-climbing)

Family Reunion, Duck Creek  B  July 25, 2013
Stunning Bryce Canyon

Family Reunion, Duck Creek  C  July 26, 2013
Fun Contests at Twilight

Family Reunion, Duck Creek  D  July 26, 2013
Cedar Breaks; Fairyland at Bryce; Mammoth

Family Reunion, Duck Creek  E  July, 2013
Fun and Games at Twilight (Continued); Talent Show; Time to Say Goodbye!

P7260037  Erica, the Hostess.jpg

Cachita by Orquesta Aragon