July 30 - August 6, 2011
Dad and Deana Meet in Kiev, Ukraine
and Have a Vacation!

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      Dad returned to Mogilyov this year by meeting Deana in Kiev, Ukraine where we spent a week getting my Belarusian visa and sight-seeing.  One special place we visited in this historic city, the "Father of the Russias", was the LDS Temple completed in 2010. Dad attended a session.

      We spent 7 days and saw much of interest and beauty, and took many pictures.  After culling most of the pictures, they were divided into 8 separate pages listed as links below.

      The music on these pages are all performed and/or composed by Ukrainians. The most famous is Mykola Vitaliyovych Lysenko (also Nikolaj Lysenko & in Ukrainian, Мико́ла Віта́лійович Ли́сенко) who was a very competent composer and a patriot of Ukraine.

Kiev A  July 30 & 31, 2011
Deana meets Dad in Kiev at Borispol Airport; we go to apartment, leave our luggage and tour the Lavra with historic churches, a monastery, and the historic statue, "Mother of the Fatherland". The views to river and city are truly great!.

Kiev B
We spent August 1, 2011 going to the Belarusian Embassy, the Grand (Gold[en]) Gate, and Liberty Square.

Kiev C
Dad and Deana take a free tour.

Kiev D
August 2nd Dad and Deana Go to the LDS Temple.

Kiev E
We spent August 3, 2011 mainly touring churches (which you don't want to miss) and the Opera House.

Kiev F
August 4 we cross to the East Bank and take pictures; return and revisit the Lavra and more extensively St. Sophia, St. Michael's and St. Andrew's.

Kiev G
On August 5, 2011 Dad and Deana cross the Dneper River again on foot; Lavra from Below; Demonstration for Yulia Timoshenko.

Kiev H
Demonstration End; then August 6th to Freedom Square (above and below too) and the trip home to Moglov via Zhlobin.

Overture - Taras Bulbas by Nikola Lysenko