10 11 18-29 Israel, Jordan

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      Thursday, November 18, 2010 I left Minsk-2 Airport for Tel-Aviv. I returned 11 days later on the 29th, having visited most of the important sites of the Holy Land, as well as seeing Petra in Jordan.

      The official language in Israel is Hebrew.  Israel in Hebrew is   Israel in Hebrew .jpg   read right to left.

      The Biblical name for the unit of currency, Shekel, is the same in present-day Israel.  The exchange rate was 3.6 Shekels for one dollar.

10 11 18  Ben Gurion AP to TelAviv-Jaffa.

10 11 18  Jaffa, the port of Tel Aviv and the "original" settlement.

10 11 18 Jaffa to Netanya bus trip. We spent the first two nights in Israel at the Margoa Hotel in Netanya.

10 11 19  Netanya to Nazareth, the road trip to Nazareth where Jesus was raised.

10 11 19  Nazareth with pictures of the city, the Sanctuary of the Annunciation with the Basilica, grottos, and the Chuch of Joseph, etc.

10 11 19  Jesus' Baptismal location on the Jordan River. Pics of many of our group and others being baptized in the Jordan.

10 11 19  The rest of this Friday was spent going north along the west of the Sea of Galilee along the Via Maris through Tiberias, then to the Magdala Restaurant, thence to the remains of the rock upon which Jesus spread the fish and loaves before multiplying them, and finally to the Mount of the Beatitudes.

10 11 20  We started Saturday by going to Caesarea which was a great and enlightening visit, especially as to whom Herod the Great (baby killer) was who founded Caesarea where the ruins of an ancient port had existed.

10 11 20  Departing Caesarea we traveled north to Haifa.  Soon there were apartments and other buildings on a high ridge to our right, or the east, imposing because of how many and the view they commanded.  This range and our pathway converged as we entered downtown Haifa. The northwestern terminal and highest point of this perceived ridge was learned to be Mt. Carmel, famous in the Bible and history of this land.  Haifa's 1994 population was 246,700. Haifa is the chief city of N Israel.

10 11 20  Acre is one of the oldest continuously inhabited sites in Israel.  We had a late obed or lunch there; you don't want to miss the fortifications!

10 11 20-21 Netanya, Jerusalem, Mount Scopus, Mt. of Olives, and Gethsemane.

10 11 21  Mt. Zion:  David's Tomb and the Last Supper Room.

10 11 21  PM in Jerusalem:   Mt. Zion to Ramat Rachel, the Bazaar & Way of the Cross, and Golgotha Church.

10 11 22  Dome of the Rock:  Western (Wailing) Wall, Caves on Walk to Bus.

10 11 22  Bethlehem, Church of the Nativity - where Jesus was born.

10 11 22  Ein Kerem: St. John's, Visitation, & Mary's Well churches.

Ahava:  Judean Desert, Sea Level Monument, Ahava manufactury of health nostrums, Spa for swimming.

Eilat, part 1:  South from the spa, night for crossing Negev, Eilat night scenes.

Eilat, part 2:  Cruise on the Gulf of Aqaba, swim and great scenery.

Petra, A:  Eilat to Petra, then hike through the Siq to the Treasury, carved into the rock.

Petra, B:  Eilat to Petra, then hike through the Siq to the Treasury, carved into the rock.

Pasodoble from Bullfight,  "La Virgen de la Macarena"