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(Journey to Budva)

Serbia, Montegro, Croatia, Albania!)

July 28 to August 12, 2010: Visits to Eight Countries

      Deana set up yet another bargain trip for me, and insisted. When we realized that Budva was not only on the Adriatic Sea, but that its country, Chyernogoria (in Russian) is Montenegro (Black Mountain), it excited me too. The Montenegran name is Crna Gora (where the "Cr" is pronouced "Syer").
      Each year Belarusians take a leave, отпуск, of two weeks from work to "rest" by a lake or sea, etc. Since I am retired, Deana said to call it a путешествие for me rather than an отпуск since I was retired and not taking a leave/holiday from endless and tiring work, but a journey.


28th Leave Minsk 5:00Am to night in Czech Republic via Belarus and Poland to CR.
29th Breakfast, transit from CR to Vienna, Austria. Spend the day. Go to Hungary for night.
30th Breakfast in hotel, go to spend day in Belgrade, Serbia, evening and night in bus going to Budva, Montenegro.
31st Villa Jovanovic, Budva, Montenegro (Chyernogoria). Supposedly only 150 meters from the beach.
      During this period of time I hiked, went on excursions to Dubrovnik, Boka KotorskaBay, and Albania
9th Go to Budapest, spending night in the bus.
10th Check into a hotel and free time in Budapest, Hippomarket, then night in hotel.
11th Excursion in Budapest including museum, Heroic Square, Castle, etc. Leave for Minsk, night in bus.
12th Transit Slovakia, Poland, and Belarus to arrive in Minsk in the evening.
Euros-425 plus meals and single room additional of Euros-150.  Emergency medical insurance was an additional $24 (would have cost less but that I am so old a man now) made this a bargain trip. My seat-mate was a 15 year old young woman from Minsk who spoke fair to good English...quite an accomplishment. So I had somebody to translate the mostly Russian of the trip.

By the end of the tour the Euro had dropped to $1.30 (instead of the $1.63 of last September, 2009).


Minsk, Belarus to Vienna, Austria.
Vienna, Dad's third visit in Vienna, Austria!
Vienna, Budapest, Belgrade, Serbia, a new country for Dad.
Belgrade, Serbia, See the buildings that America bombed in 1999!
Belgrade to Budva, Montenegro, Dad's first trip to Montenegro.
Budva, Montenegro (Crna Gora), roam Budva and environs seeing great scenes including boat trips to St. Nicholas Island and to the town of Becici (to which I later walked).
Dubrovnik, Croatia, See the beautifully built and situated ancient city of Dubrovnik, and also Svatat!
Boka Kotorska Bay "cruise" took us to Zanjice Beach/Blue Cave, Perast Islands, and the cities of Herceg Novi and Kotor.
Albania (Shqiperia), its cities of Shkoder, Durres (THE Albanian harbor), Tirani (Capital), also pics of one of the infamous 600,000 pillboxes.
Hiking Budva, hills, beaches; and boating off the beaches of Budva and Vecici.
Budapest, beautiful at night is also seen in this year's visit going and returning from Budva.
Budapest to home in Mogilyov:  Beautiful drive home through Hungary, across Slovakia, night passage by Krakow Castle's lights, and then Belarus' Minsk and finally home. The long days in Europe are great for traveling, as well as the weather is generally quite pleasant.

Map with path of trip for the "Budva Отпуск"
CLICK for full resolution "Trip-path" map!

Минск:  Minsk, Belarus;  Брест:  Brest, Belarus;  Прага:  Prague, Czech Republic;  Словакия:  Slovakia;   Будапешт, Венгрия:  Budapest, Hungary;  Вена:  Vienna, Austria;  Гамбург:  Hamburg, Germany;   Берлин:  Berlin, Germany;   Варшава:  Warsaw, Poland;  Венеция:  Venice, Italy;   Сан-Марино:  Republic of San Marino;   Рим:  Rome;  Неароль:  Napoli;   Ватикан:  Vatican;   Генуя:  Genoa;  Мюнхен:  Munich, Germany;   Лейпциг:  Leipzig, Germany;   Познань:  Poznan, Poland;  Будва, Черногория: Budva, Montenegro, is on the Adriatic Sea (Адриатическое Море) and too small to be shown on the map. Montenegro became independent from Serbia on June 3, 2006.   Белград, Цербия:  Belgrade, Serbia;  Тирана, Албания (Tiranё, Shqipёria):  Tiraneye, Albania

 Montenegro (Crna Gorna) History, Geography, Government, and Culture 

"O Moldávia", by Smetana
(Now called the Vlatava River which empties into the Elbe)