Italian Tour

October 14-25, 2009: Visits to Seven Countries

(FOUR NEW COUNTRIES FOR DAD:  Slovakia, Hungary, San Marino, Vatican!)

Deana set up another bargain trip for me, and insisted over my protests.   It meant a lot of time on a bus (ardurous but no apparent DVT has developed) which departed from Minsk and returned to Minsk.

The cost for this 11 day tour through 6 countries, the Vatican, and to and fro in Belarus was 485 Euros (about $713 or about 1/3 to 1/2 what it costs to fly home to Phoenix this November and return in June) plus some miscellanious small fees, and lunches and suppers (breakfasts provided in the hotels are included in the tour price).

By the end of the tour the Euro had climbed to $1.63, and the dollar had fallen to about 2,780 Belarusian rubles (Br).   I remarked to a business woman in San Marino that the Obama Administration was now printing billions of dollars so the everyone in the world could have some (as the dollar is so desireable).  She remarked that she has relatives and friends in the USA, and that she is aware of what is happening, and that many in San Marino are feeling sad for what the Americans are doing to themselves.

***   Click to see ITINERARY for outline and daily orientation.   ***


Mogilyov to Budapest, including a snow storm and trip across Slovakia, the first of the four new countries gained on this trip.

Budapest, Dad's first trip to Hungary!

Vienna, Dad visited the first time with Catherine in July, 1999.

Venice, Dad's first visit here was with Jeannine in 1983.

Republic of San Marino, Dad's first trip to San Marino

Rome, and the Vatican State, another country for Dad's list of foreign countries visited.

Pompei, famous because of quick end from volcanic action, people even caught and preserved in their activities!


Pisa, famous for its leaning tower, and Galileo's experiment with the iron balls.



Munich, first visited with Jeannine in 1983.

Munich to Mogilyov, by way of Leipzig and Berlin, then across Poland.

Map with path of trip for the "Italy Tour"
CLICK for full resolution "Trip-path" map!

Минск:  Minsk, Belarus;  Брест:  Brest, Belarus;  Прага:  Prague, Czech Republic;  Словакия:  Slovakia;   Будапешт, Венгрия:  Budapest, Hungary;  Вена:  Vienna, Austria;  Гамбург:  Hamburg, Germany;   Берлин:  Berlin, Germany;   Варшава:  Warsaw, Poland;  Венеция:  Venice, Italy;   Сан-Марино:  Republic of San Marino;   Рим:  Rome;  Неароль:  Napoli;   Ватикан:  Vatican;   Генуя:  Genoa;  Мюнхен:  Munich, Germany;   Лейпциг:  Leipzig, Germany;   Познань:  Poznan, Poland;

"La Campanella" by Paganini