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September 13, 2009 Visit to POLOTSK,

Founded in 832

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      Polotsk (Полоцк) is located in NE Belarus (at the exact geogrphical center of Europe) where the Polatva River empties into the Dvina West River.  Here you see a map of Europe with Polotsk under my finger tip:

P9070061 Map, Europe, Neal's finger on Polotsk, taken Sep 7, 09

      Deana did her hair and dressed nicely. We took Robert and the stroller. We left Mogilyov at 2:24 AM and arrived at the Polotsk Vakzal at about the scheduled time of 8:08 (if not precisely, as trains are "on schedule" in Belarus).  We slept much of the way as we had a compartment to ourselves.  Here are some pictures prior to departure and on the train:

Deana on Sep 12, 2009, ready for trip to Polotsk  Neal in Mogilyov Vakzal

P9130084  Dzina, Robert, on train to Polotsk

      It was raining in Polotsk when we arrived in that morning...and Deana had bravely scoffed bringing her umbrella ( :) ). We set out, and had a very good day, even though wet and a little cold at first. By the end of the day it was mostly sunny, which was good for getting an impressively good picture of the inside of the Kram at the Euphronia Monastery-Nunnery, as the sun shone in the door to the altar, and picture taking was not permitted inside.

      Rain produces rivers, and there are many in Belarus. These maps show: rivers and locations of the principal Slavic clans and the dialect areas; and, a Belarus road map:

Principal rivers and Slavic clans and dialects P9130077 Map, Belarus, Dzina  .JPG

Videos are best for hearing a snatch of chanting. CLICK to choose video:

September 13, 2009, Evphrosinyevsy Monastary (2.56MB)
September 13, 2009, Sabor at Evphrosinyevsy Monastary (4.69MB)


P9130176. MAP, Excellent ref w pics  .JPG

Deana, Robert, statue of Prince Vsyaslav Brachy'slavich

P9130089. Vsyaslav Brachy'slavich, ruled 1044-1101 AD,  ENHANCED


P1010026, Dad on the Red Bridge over the Polatva River

P9130094.JPG, Deana & Robert on the Red Bridge

P9130093 Red Bridge, Locks of Love

P1010027, Dad and Robert on the Red Bridge


P1010028 Children's Art School, bldg  .JPG

P9130101 Children's Art School, signs  .JPG

P9130096 Pretty bldg  .JPG

P9130097 Pretty bldg, Plaque  .JPG

P9130099 Ecological History bldg  .JPG

P9130102 Gov't and Newspaper offices bldg  .JPG

P9130104 Gov't and Newspaper offices, PLAQUE  .JPG


Evphrasinna or Euphronia








P9130121  Bovolenskaya Church, Deana, Robert  .JPG


P9130127 Bovolenskaya Church 1094W .JPG


P1010039  Rock, Moon-Sun, Neal  .JPG

P9130130  Rock, Moon-Sun, Deana 1094W  .JPG


P9130134 House, old, and DEANA  .JPG

P9130136 Red Church (Was a Protestant Church), Deana, Robert  .JPG

P9130135 Red Church, Plaque  .JPG

P9130137  Blvd Nizhnye-Pakroi'skaya name changes w dates  .JPG


P9130139 Dzvina River  .JPG

P9130141 Sabor, St Sophia   .JPG

P9130142 Polotsk, SIGN w map & information, complete   .JPG

P9130143 Polotsk, sign, Map of Information   .JPG

P9130144 Polotsk, sign w names of chruches, map   .JPG

P9130146 Polotsk, Sign, map, Bryachislavich, Euphrosyne  .JPG

P9130148 Dzvina or Dvina, West Bridge w double avtobus   .JPG

P1010041 Neal w West Bridge behind  .JPG

P1010046  Rock, Son of Boris w money  .JPG

P9130150 Rock w money & inscriptions  .JPG

P9130161  Sabor, St Sophia, Museum tickets   .jpg

P9130151 Sabor, St Sophia CRPD  .JPG

P9130147 Sabor, St Sophia, front   .JPG

 Here are 3 pictures of wind damage as reported in Charter'97 news on October 8, 2012.  Kak zhal!

12 10  8  Wind damage reported by Charter'97  20121006_2_sobor[1].jpg

12 10  8  Wind damage reported by Charter'97  20121006_4_sobor[1].jpg

12 10  8  Wind damage reported by Charter'97  20121006_1_sobor[1].jpg

P9130152 Castle St Baboli across Dzvina & interesting domy'  .JPG

P1010040 Neal w Castle St. Baboli under L elbow  .JPG

P9130153 Sabor, St Sophia, Plaque of USSR  .JPG

P9130154 Sabor, Sophia or Saphii'ski.JPG

P9130155 Sabor, S Sophia, model of 1st   .JPG




P9130159 Deana, Robert, Organ  .JPG


P9130162 Sabor, St Sophia, EYE in alcove   .JPG

P9130161 Sabor, St Sophia, EYE is in a pyramid, as on US 1-dollar  .JPG

P9130161  Sabor, St Sophia, EYE in a pyramid on US 1-dollar  .jpg

P9130164 Sabor, St Sophia, Deana w Robert  .JPG

P9130166 Sabor, St Sophia, basement, artifacts, wall-construction  .JPG






P9130178 St Sophia Cathedral or Sabor, cut-aways showing original stone and brick

P9130179 St Sophia, cut-aways showing original stone and brick



P1010055  09  8 13  Polotsk, DAD sitting on bench, main square  .JPG

P1010054  09  8 13  Polotsk, Robert pushing stroller  .JPG

Bogged down in the grass!
P9130185   09  8 13  Polotsk, Robert pushing stroller  .JPG

P9130183 Deana Kondrachenka de Gaston wi bust of probably a relative  .JPG
More information about this hero, General Roman Kondratenko, and the siege of Port Arthur in 1904!

P9130188 Ministery of Emergenyc Situations, Church previously  .JPG

P9130189 Ministery of Emergenyc Situations, Plaque  .JPG

P9130190 Ministery of Emergenyc Situations, Sport Car, DAD  .JPG

P1010057 Geographical Center of Europe, Certified  .JPG

P9130193 Geographical Center of Europe, Certified .JPG


P1010059 Neal at  Geographical Center of Europe, Certified .JPG




P9130204 Dzvina Hotel  .JPG

P1010063 Neal, Robert, Francisk Skary'na  .JPG

P9130208  Francisk Skary'na .JPG

P9130227 Protestant Ch now Museum, Neal before  .JPG




P9130177 Protestant Ch now Museum, Sshhh  .JPG



P9130220 Polotsk, Napoleon's 1812 campaign  .JPG

P9130221 Polotsk, Napoleon's 1812 campaign  .JPG





P9130229 Neal before  Polotsk's Freedom Fighters WWII  .JPG

P9130230 Sign, street, center   .JPG

P9130231 Ecological Museum  .JPG

P9130234 Evphrosinyevsky Monastary complex w Deana, Robert .JPG

P9130236 Evphrosinyevsky Monastary complex w Deana, Robert .JPG

P9130238 Evphrosinyevsy Monastary complex w sign  .JPG

P9130239 Sign, Sunday School of Saving-Evphroseniya  Monastary  .JPG

P9130242 Sabor,  Erected-Cross.JPG

P9130249Sabor Erected-Cross.JPG

P1010067 Sabor Erected-Cross  .JPG

P9130245 Sabor Erected-Cross.JPG

P1010071 Sabor Erected-Cross  .JPG

P9130260 Sabor Erected-Cross and Saving-Transformation Church  .JPG

P1010068 Monastery-Nunnery  .JPG

P9130252 Monastery-Nunnery  .JPG

P1010069 Neal on Sabor's steps  .JPG

P9130255 Sabor altar area taken by telephoto fr outside main door  .JPG

P9130256 Sabor altar area taken by telephoto fr outside main door  .JPG

P9130259  Sabor, Deana, after oblations, leaving w Robert  .JPG



P9130267 Monk's neat car 2   .JPG

P9130270 Deana, Robert, going home on train fr Polotsk after a long day  .JPG

"Blog" by Deana about Belarus with more pictures and a good thumbnail history.

Short history of Polotsk, well worth taking the time to read from Wikepedia.

More pictures, but not taken by us (text is in Russian).

A White Russian composed; Farewell to Fatherland, a Polonaise by Mikhail Cleofas Oginsky