July 25, 2009: Pictures from Dad's
Big Running Course (24Km, Estimated)

The Runner's Views from the "Trail"

(For captions, move cursor over pictures!)

      Dad ran some last summer along the south side of the Dnieper (Днепр) River here in Mogilyov. Again this summer he ran and worked up to running up to and under the "2nd bridge" as he terms it in the photos. It is upon the "1st bridge" that Pushkinsky Prospect (Проспект Пушкинский) crosses the Dnyeper below the bluff where are located ZAGS (marriage place, civil records) and the, reconstructed since Deana and Dad married November 9, 2007, Ratushka (Townhall...the tower building next to ZAGS).

      On this satellite picture obtained from "Google Earth" the "1st bridge" is under the route line near the middle of the page, and the "2nd bridge" is under the yellow route line at the right side of this page. The "3rd bridge" is at the left or West side of this page. (Though these designations of first, second, and third are actually grammatically proper names, these bridge designations arise from the sequence in which these bridges were attained as Dad became more conditioned...and will not be in quotes hereinafter.)

      In early July this year, as Dad built up his strength (from a higher plateau than he enjoyed in 2008), he thought he would try crossing 2nd bridge...and what an adventure that was...another story. Then wondering what it would be like to run back on the North (N) side of the river (on the large scale the river runs South to the Black Sea by way of Kiev.) and cross 1st bridge to return home, he did so, and that turned into an adventure as the луг (lug, pronounced luk as in "Luke" so you will see in the roll-over captions any of lyg, lyk, lug, or luk) did not have a findable road or path West along the river, but Dad had to return to a street that runs below the bluff appropriately called Улица Подгорная (Street below the Mountain...and from the Dnyeper to the height of the bluffs is one of the grander elevation changes in Belarus though quite tame by our standards anywhere but Florida in the USA). You will see many pictures of "luk", the non-forest growth in river bottom-lands, pictured below.

      But Dad does not like not going back over the same course just traversed (wanting to see new ground!)...especially as sometimes there might be a drinking-drunk-asleep one or more persons somewhere, and surprise is a good principle for avoiding interaction, especially when you don't speak the language (Slavic languages are slurrred by most of the people, and it is really compounded by alcohol...as well as the usual breath stench being distracting and even revolting).

      So Dad conceived the idea of running the circuit from home, under 1st bridge, over second bridge, and then back over 3rd bridge, and then find a way home through the luk. This he did on Saturday July, 25th, documenting that he really had traversed this route as well as giving all some real pictures of the unique and beautiful running route through wilderness, village-like suburbs, town, and Dnieper River. It took about 2 hours and 26 minutes of running-jogging, and a total of over 3hr 40min including stopping for pictures. All of those rest periods contriubuted to a faster run-time than would have otherwise been obtained! :)

      This was about the prettiest day to date all summer, if not the prettiest! I hope all will enjoy the pictures for the scenery, for seeing some of the REAL Mogilyov and Belarus, and for as time goes by the historic nature, as things change with time. Also, you will better be able to assimilate the other materials E-mailed by Dad and posted on this Web site as your "contextual" grasp of the sameness and differences of people, geography, vegetation, and "country" grows.

The trail starts here at our dom on Nyepokoryonny'x and goes to the left of the cemetery
which is a big green block on the satellite pictures.  I return along the street to the
right of the cemetery.   Our dom is the lower right building.
(Be sure to enlarge to full size as may be necessary!)

P7250068  Trail starts here, from front door of bldg  .JPG

P7250069  Trail starts here, from front door of bldg  .jpg

P7250070  Trail goes by cemetery on R & goes R beyond  .JPG

P7250071  Trail thru the Lyk, near Dnieper R  .JPG

P7250072  Trail thru the Lyk, near Dnieper Riv  .JPG

P7250073  Trail thru the Lyk, near Dnieper R  .JPG

P7250074  Trail thru the Lyk, near Dnieper R  .JPG

P7250075  Fun park to the R  .JPG

P7250076  Trail thru the Lyk, near Dnieper R  .JPG

P7250077  Bridge ahead, telephoto  .JPG

P7250078  Bridge ahead over Dnieper, more zoom  .JPG

P7250079  Looking back after passing beneath this 1st bridge  .JPG

P7250080  Looking ahead after passing under 1st bridge  .JPG

P7250081  Looking back along promenade, Dnieper on R  .JPG

P7250082  Looking back and across Riv  .JPG

P7250083  Looking ahead and to the L across Riv  .JPG

P7250084  Running S, Riv turning W  .JPG

P7250085  Looking back fr near Memorial to dead of all wars  .JPG

P7250086  Looking back, almost to Memorial  .JPG

P7250087  Looking forward fr near Memorial as Riv bends almost NW  .JPG

P7250089  Looking forward to spans RR bridge spans across next lyk  .JPG

P7250090  Steps to Memorial on R  .JPG

P7250091  Memorial to Soldiers of All Wars of Mogilyov  .JPG

P7250092  Looking across Lyk  & Riv to Memorial  .JPG

P7250093  Across lyk & Riv to Memorial & some L  .JPG

P7250095  Looking SW from R  .JPG

P7250097  Looking ahead, W  .JPG

P7250098  Looking ahead W, riv bends to SW  .JPG

P7250099  Looking ahead, W, Dnieper on L  .JPG

P7250101  Goats on the lyk  .JPG

P7250103  Looking NW back at 'look', lyg, or lyk  .JPG

P7250104  Looking NW at W-end of lagoon  .JPG

P7250107  Lkng NEE w 2nd bridge in distance, across lagoon  .JPG

P7250108 Looking E along S shore of lagoon  .JPG

P7250109 Lkng SE fr W end of lagoon  .JPG

P7250110 Lkng S fr W end of lagoon  .JPG

P7250111 W end lagoon, lkng W  .JPG

P7250112 Lkng W fr S shore of lagoon  .JPG

P7250113  Looking across W-end of Lagoon in NW direction  .JPG

P7250114  Looking N across lagoon inlet, Dnieper, shore beyond  .JPG

P8260134.JP7250115  Lkng NWE across lagoon inlet  .JPGPG

P7250116  Looking NEE across lagoon, riv, to road bridge & spans of RR bridge just beyond, telephoto  .JPG

P7250117 ENE fr S shore lagoon across peninsula, riv, 2nd bridge, RR bridge  .JPG

P7250118 Lkng E along S shore of lagoon  .JPG

P7250119 Lkng E along S shore of lagoon  .JPG

P7250120 Lkng W fr 2nd bridge approach  .JPG

At the point of this next picture I have ascended the embankment and climbed through the railing of
the VERY LONG approach to 2nd bridge.  As the road goes up to the bridge the embankment becomes
much steeper.  The R-lower corner of this satellite view is at the extreme SouthEast part of my run  (just below the "M4").
(Be sure to enlarge to full size as may be necessary!)

P7250121 Lkng NW fr 2nd bridge approach  .JPG

P7250122 Lkng N across 2nd bridge  .JPG

P7250123 Lkng N across 2nd bridge  .JPG

P7250124 Lkng N across 2nd bridge  .JPG

P7250125. Lkng NEE fr 2nd bridge approach  JPG.jpg

P7250126 Lkng W fr 2nd bridge approach across E-W extent of lagoon   .JPG

P7250127 Lkng N across 2nd bridge  .JPG

P7250128 Lkng N across 2nd bridge  .JPG

P7250129 Lkng NE fr 2nd bridge approach  .JPG

P7250130 Lkng ENE across 2nd bridge at RR bridge spans  .JPG

P7250131 Lkng E across 2nd bridge approach  .JPG

P7250132 Lkng SSW fr 2nd bridge approach  .JPG

P7250133 Lkng SW fr 2nd bridge approach  .JPG

P7250135 Fisherman, lyg, Zadnyeprovia Raion where Dad lives beyond  .JPG

P7250136  Fisherman fr 2nd bridge  .JPG

P7250137 Lkng SW & downstream Dnieper fr 2nd bridge  .JPG

P7250138 Lkng SW fr 2nd bridge across lagoon  .JPG

P7250139 Lyg on N side Dnieper fr 2nd bridge  .JPG

The next few pictures are taken at the "NE Corner" of my route, just below the "M4" depicted again
and before I descended from the 2nd bridge departure.
(Be sure to enlarge to full size as may be necessary!)

P7250144 DAD self-portrait, N side of 2nd bridge over 'Dnepr', .JPG

P7250145 DAD NEAL self-portrait on 2nd bridge's N side after xssing riv  .JPG

P7250146 Lkng NNe fr N side 2nd bridge  .JPG

P7250147 Lkng NW at 'Podgoroskaya street' area  fr 2nd bridge N side approach  .JPG

P7250148 Lkng W at 'Podgoroskaya street' area  .JPG

P7250150 Lkng S fr 2nd bridge approach  .JPG

P7250151 Lkng SE fr 2nd bridge's N side  .JPG

P7250152 DAD NEAL self-portrait on Ulittsa Nodgoroskaya  .JPG

P7250153 DAD NEAL self-portrait on Ulittsa Nodgoroskaya, Sabor St Nicholas  .JPG

P7250154 Pavement ends, going W on Ulittsa Nodgoroskaya  .JPG

P7250155 Lkng back, E, to pavement, St Nickolas road branches at R behind  .JPG

P7250158 St Nickolas  .JPG

P7250159  Darker than you think, camera adjujsts exposure  .JPG

P7250160 Going W on Ul Podgoroskaya where shaded even on sunny days  .JPG

P7250161 Lkng S just before getting to the first bridge  .JPG

P7250163 DAD NEAL near N-side 1st bridge, CRPD LIGHTENED 1094x1251  .JPG

P7250164 Lkng W & dwnstrm fr 1st bridge  .JPG

P7250165 'Vosyem'' on 1st bridge  .JPG

P7250166 Lkng N fr 1st bridge at Sovietskay Ploshyet' w ZAGS & Ratusha  .JPG

P7250167 Lkng NE fr N end of 1st bridge, previously passsed under on other side of Dneper  .JPG

P7250168 Lkng NNE fr N end of 1st bridge  .JPG

P7250169 Lkng W down Chelyuskintsyev fr N side of 1st bridge  .JPG

The next few pictures are taken at the sharply angulated "NW Corner" of my route before descending to the Dneper.
(Be sure to enlarge to full size as may be necessary!)

P7250170 Lkng E along Chellyuskintsyev before turning L on 3rd bridge street to the West  .JPG

P7250171 Lkng N before turning on to st to 3rd bridge  .JPG

P7250172 bridge over st to 3rd bridge fr Chelyuskintsyev  .JPG

P7250175 Factory, synthetic threads  .JPG

P7250176 Lkng SE along street to 3rd bridge over Dneper  .JPG

P7250177 Chelyuskintsyev to L, st to 3rd bridge to R  .JPG

P7250178 Bldings across Dneper seen in the distance  .JPG

P7250179 Lkng E to Downtown as Dneper approached  .JPG

P7250181 St Nickolas looking E  .JPG

P7250183 Ice Palace & Gastinitsa Hotel from N-approach to bridge 3   .JPG

P7250184 Our Dom, w zoom fr N-approach 3rd bridge, over unseen Dnieper, lyg, a house, cemetary  .JPG

P7250186 Lkng SSE fr N-approach 3rd bridge  .JPG

P7250188 Lkng S over 3rd bridge  .JPG

P7250190 Lkng NNW fr 3rd bridge  .JPG

P7250191 Lkng S along 3rd bridge, luk home on L  .JPG

P7250192 Lkng W across bridge  .JPG

P7250193 Lkng NEE t ZAGS, Ratushka, fishermen  .JPG

P7250194 Lkng NEE t ZAGS, Ratushka, zoomed  .JPG

P7250199 Lkng NEE t ZAGS, Ratushka, fishermen, mid-zoom  .JPG

P7250201 Lkng fr 3rd bridge across luk to our apartments rising above trees of cemetary  .JPG

P7250203 Lkng SE across luk to our Dom on L, fr 3rd bridge  .JPG

Having crossed 3rd bridge at the "SW Corner" of my route, I clammbered down into the luk
sometimes TRACKLESS, as will be seen by the next few pictures.
(Be sure to enlarge to full size as may be necessary!)

P7250204  Having crossed 3rd bridge, on the path home thru the lug  .JPG

P7250205 Where is the path  .JPG

P7250206  Where is my path  .JPG


P7250208  Pretty flowers often have thistles  .JPG

P7250209.  3 paths to nowhere, a small pass thru yonder thicket  JPG.jpg

P7250210 House yonder, but are there dangerous holes between  .JPG

P7250211 Return home to Dom 10, Nyepokoranyonny'x, our entrance priyama  .JPG

P7250213 Our DOMicile  .JPG

P7250217  Final part of route home w cemetary at L  .JPG

P7250219 Final part of trail home w construction 3 blocks away  .JPG

P7250220  Construction zoomed on for your interest, and to compare for a later date  .JPG


From the movie of the same name - Chariots of Fire