Smoking (& Tobacco), a Major Health Problem

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The TRUTH about smoking and the iniquitous TOBACCO INDUSTRY. A great link to videos and sources of information on tobacco, and the "sell job" of the tobacco companies!

Risk, Toxicology and Human Health  Notes from:  Miller, G. T. 2001. Living in the Environment, Twelfth Edition, Brooks/Cole Publishing Co., Pacific Grove, CA.

Women and Girls are at greater risk for cancer and diseases whose incidence is raised by tobacco, and they have a harder time quitting. Not in this study is that teenager studies have shown that after 6 weeks a girl will become addicted to smoking, whereas it takes a boy six months. Also an interesting aside is that the man who was once the world's richest man, Aristotle Onassis (remember, he married Jacqueline Kennedy) promoted "pink" cigarettes to get women to smoke. He got his well known opera diva in Buenos Aires to promote the cigarette publicly at a top posh nightclub in Buenos Aires. She did it for their relationship, but then dumped him as a "user" before "lover". This was portrayed in the movie as the beginning of his financial empire. It did not used to be fashionable or lady-like to smoke, but as "Virgina Slims" says (said), "You've come a long way, Baby!".

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