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(Where Does This Put Homosexuality?  Brains of
Homsexual Men Are Not Like Those of Normal Men)

I found a summary of the the report (April, 2001) by the Institute of Medicine entitled, "Exploring the Biological Contributions to Human Health...Does Sex Matter?"  on the Internet from which I quote parts.

Sex Does Matter

In this report a panel of experts said that medical researchers should spend more time and energy investigating the differences between men and women.

The Institute of Medicine, which provides advice to the U.S.  government on health policy, issued a report saying that "Sex does matter,".  Mary Lou Pardue of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, who headed the panel, said in the preface to the report. "It matters in ways that we did not expect."

The report said that basic genetic and physiological differences, in combination with environmental factors, resulted in behavioral and cognitive differences between boys and girls and men and women.  Physiological differences in the brain, sex-typed behavior and gender identity, and sex differences in cognitive ability should be studied at all points in the life span, the experts recommended.

The report said future studies should be designed to allow analysis of data by sex.

The panel of experts pointed out that males and females had DIFFERENT PATTERNS OF ILLNESS including living different life spans and responding differently to various medicines.  They also said men and women differed in their metabolism and how they stored energy.  Understanding those sex-based differences was important in developing new approaches to disease prevention, diagnosis, and treatment, the panel said.

"While it is anatomically obvious why only males develop prostate cancer and only females get ovarian cancer, it is not at all obvious why, for example, females are more likely than males to recover language ability after suffering a left-hemisphere stroke or why females have a far greater risk than males of developing life-threatening ventricular arrhythmias in response to a variety of potassium channel-blocking drugs," the report said.

"Now the challenge is to make sure that mechanisms are put in place to ensure better understanding of the basic differences between the sexes and that these differences become translated into clinical practices," said Phyllis Greenberger, president of the Washington-based Society for Women's Health Research.

The brains of men and women are actually "physically" wired differently.

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Gay men and straight women have similar brains,
LA Times reported

"More than a decade ago, neurobiologist Simon LeVay reported that a key area of the hypothalamus,
a brain structure linked to sexual behavior, was smaller in homosexual men than in heterosexual men."

That area of the hypothalamus turns out to be the amygdala (anatomically located in the temporal lobes):
"Next, researchers used positron emission topography to measure blood flow in the amygdala,
a brain area involved in processing emotions.
The circuitry of the amygdala in gay men more closely resembled that of straight women than straight men"

It is the left amygdala that is increased in size and seems to account for the difference in the sizes of the left and right cerebral hemispheres found in homosexual men and normal women.

Though this asymmetry may be biological, it can also be caused by psychotherapy or using SSRI drugs. 13 12 28 On the Internet from Wikepedia, "In the majority of the cases, there was an association between an increase in the size of the left amygdala with the use of SSRI's (antidepressant medication) or psychotherapy." And what is psychotherapy? At we find:
Medical Dictionary
psychotherapy psy·cho·ther·a·py
The treatment of mental and emotional disorders through the use of psychological techniques designed to encourage communication of conflicts and insight into problems, with the goal being personality growth and behavior modification. Also called psychotherapeutics .


And so we can see a very valid reason for keeping normal boys away from association with homosexual boys and men.   If a man, a bigger boy or a gang of 2 or more boys push (physically, socially, with presents, etc.) on a normal boy, and use the normal boy homsexually, not only can the normal boy have his sexual behavior changed, but there will likely be real changes induced in his brain structure (resulting in conversion?).  We don't want normal boys spending a night camping out with homosexual boys even if the leaders are not homosexual, because boys will be in a pup tent together or in the woods.

PS: It may be wise for a boy or even a man to never use SSRI drugs.