Dad's Grandfather

August Hugo Bach de Gaston

         My grandfather is referred to in this publication generally as Mr. Bach. This booklet by the Pastor Smale is very rich in relating the kind of love of God and character that my grandfather had. Grandpa was on a mission from Germany to China, met Smale, was converted to the First New Testament Church of Los Angeles, wrote a great first year report of his activities in that church, and also wrote a short autobiography of his life...all in the booklet exhibited below.

         Thanks to my daughter, Catherine, for obtaining this booklet, scanning it to her computer, and sending it to me in PDF format. After some labor I was able to extract the pages (by displaying and doing a "Print Screen" save, cropping, etc.) and create JPEG files, and then create this HTML document and put it up on the Genealogy page of my Web site for the Family and all to view as well as to preserve this valuable history.

 Hallelujah from the "Messiah" by Fredrick Handel