Dad's Nine Generation Pedigree Chart,

January 27, 2003

The chart will be large, and for a print-out, I suggest saving it to a floppy disk, and taking to a place like Kinkos, where a full size printout can be made for you. But after you save it to your hard drive, it will be a 10 MB ".bmp" file. The original file is a ".tif" file of 767KB, to which you may want to convert it before trying to get it on a floppy disk. I would have put the ".tif" file up on the Web site, but it doesn't seem to display under HTML. I had a ".gif" file of 1.4 MB up, but it doesnt seem to work anymore, not even off of the hard drive locally. Before making another .gif file, for Erica who is at the Family History Center in Tucson waiting for this, I am putting the .bmp file up. JUST GIVE IT TIME TO DOWLOAD ONTO YOUR MONITOR SCREEN!

Dad's 9 Generation Pedigree Chart, January 27, 2003, reduced 50pct