Last Updated June 19, 2014

Robert's 6th Year: August 11, 2013 Through August 10, 2014

(For captions, move cursor over pictures!)

      5 years have past, and Robert needs to renew his passport.  So his passport picture taken August 16, 2013 is shown. Also, some pictures during the first 2 weeks of his sixth year are shown.  He is 42 inches tall now.

      The next group of pictures are his 6-page "album" of graduation photos alone and with class & teacher starting with Мой любимый Детский сад! (My beloved Children's Garden) and a picture of Robert holding a bear. Following these are copies of his Diploma (Диплом) from Children's School (4 pages) . At the end of these 4 pages, a certificate/affidavit (Cвидетельство) of completion of a special class in Russian and math for pre-schoolers is displayed.