Robert's 2nd Year: August 11, 2009 Through August 10, 2010

(For captions, move cursor over pictures!)

      The first picture is of Robert on his first birthday's eve followed by pictures on his birthday (the actual start of his second year at titled above).  The next set of pictures (and they are really cute) shows him in his new blue snow suit "discovering" winter and snow in December of 2009.  Other pictures include a montage of 5, a composite when we three visited online together, and of Robert walking in the green grass of spring with beautiful blossoms photographed by Deana.  Robert discovered swings, and loves(ed) swings, got too close to a little girl who was swinging...and you can see the damage to his left cheek!  Also is the picture of some beautiful flowers with Robert's hand inserted into the photograph.

To KEEP UP with Robert, You Better Get A Move On!