Last Updated: Friday, May 11, 2012 Robert Alexisovich de Gaston

Robert Alexisovich de Gaston: Dad's 11th Child!

Born 11:55PM EEDT Monday, August 11, 2008,
(31 weeks gestational age almost to the hour!)
Weight = 1.9Kg, Length=42cm

For the cirumstances and more history of his premature birth,  Click here "!
Robert was born with a cherry hemangioma on his neck,  Click here "!

Robert's 2nd year commencing August 11, 2009
Robert's 3rd  year commencing August 11, 2010
Robert's 4th  year commencing August 11, 2011
Robert's 5th  year commencing August 11, 2012
Robert's 6th  year commencing August 11, 2013

THEN; at birth

      Dad was allowed to see "Baby" and take pictures on Day 3.  Deana was afraid to come close to "such a frail & dark child".  The equipment is uptodate as that in America.  Baby still has a tough haul ahead of him as of this Day 3, August 14, 2008.

08  8 14  Dad-Neal w child No 11, Robert in modern incubator, Mogilyov, Belarus RED W510 H680  P814001308  8 14  Robert Alexeyevich de Gaston, almost 3 d old, in incubator, born 31-33 wk gest-lmp to almost the hr RED W450 H337  P8140009

08  8 14  Dad wi Robert, 3d old, Mogilyov, Belarus W450 H337  P8140011

NOW; Happy FIRST Birthday!

      Deana baked the most scrumptous creme-pudding tort (cake) for Roberts birthday! Robert's older Belarusian sister came over...and Artyom, the Belarusian brother, insisted on having some cake!

09  8 11  Robert on his birthday, doma CRPD 820x1094  P8110080

09  8 11  Deana w Lena & Robert, 1 yr, & CAKE  CRPD  P8110074

09  8 11  Dad  & Robert eating birthday cake CRPD 820x1094 P8110076

09  8 11  Robert, 1 yr, in Deana's arms eating cake 820x1094  P8110081

09  8 11  Dad w Lena & Robert on his birthday 1094x820  P8110078

09  8 11  Deana eating delicious 'Tort' she baked for Robert's BD 820x1094  P8110079

Robert, at home in walker, the day before his first birthday

09  8 10  Robert, casual shot 1 day before BD 1094x10458  P8100071.JPG

Click here to see Robert's documents!

"La Pulga (The Flea)" since Robert was flea-sized at birth!
We pray that he will soon be as lively as a jumping flea!