UPDATED June 7, 2013 Resume of A. Neal de Gaston



A. Neal de Gaston, Ph.D., M.D.


Address and Personal Data

3543 W. Sierra St.

Phoenix, Arizona 85029

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Citizen of U.S. of America    Born: May 27, 1937, Seattle, WA

Secret Clearance (last reactivated), DISCO July 10, 1987

Table of Contents


Family Practice residency, Wheeling Hospital, 1979-81.

Universidad Autonoma de Ciudad Juarez, M.D. 1978.

Post-doctoral studies and clinical experience at Orange County Medical Center/University of California at Irvine; self study in Medical physics.

Western State University College of Law, Fall 1973 to Summer 1974.

Brigham Young University, Ph.D. with Distinction, Physics, May 1965.

California Institute of Technology, B.S.S., Physics, 1959



January 2001– June 2005

Riverside Community College ..... Moreno Valley Campus.

Adjunct Professor of Physics, Astronomy, and Mathematics.


October 1992 – October 2001

A. Neal de Gaston, M.D., P.C ..... Moreno Valley, California.

Family Physician In solo office Family Practice.


October 1991 – August 1992

Corona/Moreno Valley Medical Associates ..... Corona/Moreno, California.

Family Physician In group Family Practice.


August 1990 - August 1991

A. Neal de Gaston, M.D., P.C. ……Winslow, Arizona

Family Solo Practice and part-time ER Physician


April 1987 - July 1990

McDonnell Douglas Corporation Long Beach, California.

Principal Staff Scientist, Aerospace Medicine

Conducted research into Chemical-Biological-Radiation Warfare defense. Invented (US Patent granted) and tested a new concept for acceleration protection of pilots which has already established some records. Support in multidisciplinary High Speed Commercial Transport (Orient Express) including decompression, radiation, jet lag, and ozone problem definitions/solutions. Human Use & Safety Council activities . Proposal support work ~ including P9D & a proposal of my own to Naval Air Development Center.


April 1984 - February 1987

A. Neal de Gaston Professional Corporation Orem, Utah.

Medical Director Walk-in Clinic/Family Medicine practice.


December 1984 - August 1986

Central Utah Rehabilitation and Medical Center Orem, Utah.

Medical Director Nursing Home.


September 1981 - June 1984

Private Practice Corona, California.

Family physician.

General family practice including obstetrics and surgery.


October 1981 - March 1982

Loma Linda University Family Practice Department at Riverside General Hospital,

Riverside, California.

Attending Physician Instructor

To provide family practice residents training, consultation and backup.


August 1981 - September l981

Utah State Mental Hospital Provo, Utah.

Forensic psychiatrist

Psychiatrist for the ward where mentally ill criminals and sociopaths were incarcerated.


March 1979 - June 1981

Wheeling Hospital Family Health Center Wheeling, West Virginia.

Family Practice Resident

This was a three-year family practice residency program that led to board certification in the medical specialty of Family Practice.


July 1975 - February 1977

Self-employed Orange, California

Consultant in Medical Physics

Consultation in Radiological Physics (including diagnostic X-ray surveys and ultrasound calibration).


September 1974 - August 1976

University California Irvine Medical Center Orange, California.

Radiation Protection Specialist

This was a post-doctoral opportunity to gain clinical experience as related to radiological physics. Responsibilities and opportunities to survey Al uses of ionizing radiation to establish and enforce conformance to government regulations and sound safety practice, etc. Position also included teaching physics of nuclear medicine to radiology residents and nuclear medicine technologists. I also chaired and conducted a series of lectures by the Radiology and Nuclear Medicine staff in interdisciplinary series held by Computer Science Department at UCI.


April 1969 - April 1974

McDonnell Douglas Corporation Long Beach, California

Senior Scientist/Engineer

Corporate Representative for CIAP (upper atmosphere study by Department of Transportation), study of impact of jet engine emissions on the stratosphere and biosphere for Douglas Aircraft's Supersonic Technology program. Investigation of holographic countermeasures. Study of rivet deformation. Developed a high-explosive laser (MEL) which constituted the reduction to practice of a novel idea in the field of high powered lasers. Also invented a device and process for removing the static electric charge from high flow rate and large volume fuel transfer operations. The patent on this device was issued January 8, 1974. Developed a vehicle replacement computer model for the Douglas Transportation Department's fleet. Served as part of a team in modeling the cost trade-offs in reducing jet aircraft noise impact upon the environment. Chief scientist for astronomy on the Earth Orbital Experiments study conducted at the Astronautics Company. Development of an advanced radar concept for use in airborne military electronics systems to reduce ground-clutter. Basic solar research including analysis of chromospheric infrared spectra by means of Fourier transform spectroscopy at Douglas Advanced Research Laboratories.


April 1966 - December 1968

Bellcomm, Inc. Washington, D.C.

Member Technical Staff

Scientific support in the field of solar physics and astronomy specifically and space physics generally for firm providing systems engineering and technical consultation and management to NASA.


October 1965 - January 1966

Electrical-Optical Systems Pasadena, California

Engineer III

Performed research and development in holography and gaseous laser technology. Proposal activity for advancing the field of data processing by advanced electro-optical and holographic techniques.


June 1964 - October 1965

Autonetics, Anaheim, California

Senior Engineer Research concerned with a possible mechanism for the differential rotation of the sun, which research was part of my Ph.D. thesis. Prepared preliminary unsolicited proposals for satellite experiments.


Summer Employment


Litton Systems Beverly Hills, California

Technical Writer

Writing of test procedures for equipment made to test inertial navigation gear.



TRW Systems El Segundo, California

Electrical Engineer

Performed antenna research and development.



Lockheed Aircraft Corporation Burbank, California

Junior Engineer

Work consisted of mainly of a research project I set up and conducted to determine the properties of the helical antenna.



Wyle Laboratories El Segundo, California


Set up and performed test for environmental testing of electronic components.



Teaching Experience

Astronomy and Mathematics to college students.

Clinical medicine to Family Practice Residents.

Physics of Nuclear Medicine to residents in Radiology.

Physics of Nuclear Medicine to Nuclear Medicine technologists.

Chaired and conducted a series of lectures by Radiology and Nuclear Medicine staff in interdisciplinary series held by the Computer Science Department at UCI.

Owned and operated private free-enterprise elementary school (kindergarten to ninth grade) in Orange, California.

Chosen to be on faculty of Wadsworth VA Hospital in Los Angeles for training radiology residents in physics of diagnostic ultrasound for Fall of 1976.

One semester of first year physics for physics majors.

Tutoring of physics (mechanics and electricity and magnetism) and mathematics (calculus, differential equations), etc.



Affiliations (present and past)




American Board of Family Practice (First certified 1981, certified through 2000).

American Board of Radiology in Therapeutic Radiological Physics, July 1975

State of California approved as required to perform surveys of therapeutic installations per Sections 30312(c) (4) and (5) of the California Radiation Control Regulations.

Past active licenses as physician and surgeon in the states of Arizona, California, Utah, West Virginia, and Wyoming.

Community College teaching credential, State of California. "Valid for Life"



Publications (partial)

Range. Energy & Heat of Motion in the Modified NBC Anti-g Anthropomorphic Tank Suit (ATS 2) with co-authors J. Mastropaolo et al) Human Factors Journal. (This was still going through internal company release approval at the time I left McDonnell Douglas.)

Range, Energy & Heat of Motion in an NBC, Anti-G, Anthropomorphic Tank Suit (ATS) (with co-authors J. Mastropaolo et al) published in the Journal of Aircraft ( an AFAA journal ), Vol 28, # 12, December 1991, pp 855-860.

Preliminary Acceleration Test Results of the ATS, an Integrated System for CBR Environmental, and Acceleration Protection presented to the 27th Annual Symposium of SAFE, New Orleans, Louisiana, December 8, 1989. Published in Its entirety in the Proceedings.

OZONE concentration peaks at 70,000 to 100,000 feet, where supersonic and hypersonic transports would cruise. The effects of high ozone concentrations on people and the effects of these airliners on the ozone concentration levels are studied.

The Results of Field Surveys of Medical Diagnostic Ultrasound Equipment presented to the 62nd Scientific Assembly and Annual Meeting of the A/AAPM, Chicago, Illinois, November 18, 1976.

Final Report on the Fuel Static IRAD Program (de Gaston Decharger), Report No. MDC J4192, September 1972.

Charge Removal by Irradiation, Transactions for S.A.E. National Engineering and Manufacturing Meeting, San Diego, Paper No. 720864, October 15, 1972.

Interim Report on the Fuel-Static Problem, Innovative Solutions, and Proposed Research, WR-15 1, July 15, 197 1 .

Creation and Use of a Vehicle Replacement Model, August 5, 1972.

Radar Technique Enhancement for Improving the Detection and Tracking of Low-flying Aircraft, November, 1970.

Angular Momentum Transfer Through the Solar Chromosphere, American Astronomical Society Meeting, Victoria, British Columbia, August 21, 1968. Abstract published in the Astronomical Journal, Vo1. 73, No. 10, Part II, December 1968.

Observations of Solar Eclipses Using SP`-71A Type Aircraft, report of an in-formal conference held at the Dudley Observatory, July 25-26, 1968. Dudley Observatory Reports, New York, pp. 102-110.

Magnetic Mirror Forces in the Solar Corona, American Astronomical Society Meeting, Charlottesville, Virginia, April 4, 1968 Abstract published in the Astronomical Journal, Vol. 73, No. 5, Part II, June 1968, p. 891.

Some Studies and Experiments Suggested by the Study of the Differential Rotation of the Sun, with co-author, Dr. Robert M. Ashby, 1965, Autonetics Division of North American Corporation.



Patents and Patent Disclosures

Patent #5127896 Anthropomorphic Tank Suit granted July 7, 1992.

Patent #4135090 Liquid Ionizing Radiation Detector granted January 16, 1979.

Patent #4048507 X-ray Beam Perpendicular Finder granted September 13, 1977.

Patent #3784876 Static Decharger granted January 8, 1974.

Laser Hygrometer, 1973.

"Half-Shield" Neutralizer, 1971.

Dynamic "Half-Shield" Neutralizer, 1971.

Auto-Volt "Half-Shield" Neutralizer, 1971.

Coulomb Injector, 1971.

Magneforce Decharger, 1971.

Automagneforce Decharger, 1971.

Fourier-Transform Radar Doppler-Processor, 1970.

Tank Leak Detection, May 1972 Resume

Two patent ideas submitted as disclosable items to NASA under terms of Bellcomm contract.



Special Courses

Many medical symposium hours of credit including emergency medicine, obstetrics, infectious diseases, sports medicine, gynecology, diabetes, etc. to be current and abreast of changes in medicine, and to satisfy Board Certification and state licensing requirements.

Pascal computer programming, Utah Technical College, Orem, Fall semester 1984.

Basic computer programming, California State University, Fullerton, Summer 1982.

AAPM Summer School Radiation Dosimetry (therapy) July 1824, 1976 at Trinity College, Burlington, Vermont.

AAPM Summer School Expanding Role of "The Diagnostic Radiological Physicist", August 1975, Rice University, Houston, Texas.

Radiological Defense Officer I course, State of California, November 1974.

Organic Chemistry, California State University, Long Beach, Summer 1970.

Applied Theory of Radar Resolution, special course seminar sponsored by Technology Service Corporation of Santa Monica, California.

New Ouantitative Methods in Conflict Resolution: Application of Analysis to Military, Political and Other Forms of Competition, special course seminar at University of California, Los Angeles, January 1969.

Systems Effectiveness, George Washington University, December 1968.

Business Law, University of California, Los Angeles, Summer 1959.



Scholastic Awards

University fellowship first year of graduate school at Brigham Young University.

National Science Foundation Fellowships for remaining years of graduate school.

Scholarship each year of undergraduate school at California Institute of Technology.



Miscellaneous (past and present)

Running (10 marathons):  Most recent marathon was September 8, 2012 at Kazbegi, Georgia, one in 2003, two marathons (within 2 weeks) in 2001, one in 2000,1989, & 1988, two in 1985, and one in 1980.

Private Pilot Certificate August 1967; Instrument rating October 1969.

Proprietor of private school.

Inventor of a practical solar water heater.

Community activities included running for State Assembly and Community College School Board.  Ran in 1983 for the Corona-Norco Unified School Board, California.   Member of California Republican Assembly including President one year of the Orange Republican Assembly, and served on the County Assembly representing Orange.

Church activities including leader of congregation.

Can read and write Spanish, and can converse moderately.

Can translate, and write a little in French and less in German, и еще менее по-русски.




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A. Neal de Gaston, Ph.D., M.D.
Kazbegi Marathon September 8, 2012 in Georgia

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A. Neal de Gaston, Ph.D., M.D.
2009-11, Phoenix, Cal-Tech (50th Anniv.), Belarus, Cyprus, Israel, Jordan

A. Neal de Gaston, Ph.D., M.D.

A. Neal de Gaston, Ph.D., M.D.