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It was the eminent 19th-century conductor, Hans von Bülow, who invented the idea of the "three Bs" of classical music in a witty sentence he merely intended as an expression of his personal preference: "My musical credo is in the key of E-flat major: Bach, Beethoven and Brahms." The little musical joke consists in the fact that E-flat has three flats, or "b" signs in its key signature. From that offhand comment arose a veritable Nicene Creed of music, as if the "three Bs" were analogous to the Holy Trinity, and down through the decades many music lovers have unquestioningly accepted the idea that Bach, Beethoven and Brahms are the only three composers anointed by Heaven.

Symphony is the grandest form of classical orchestral music, the "Everest" that every composer wants to climb. The Symphony Channel plays the greatest symphonies ever written, complete and unabridged. (underlining by the Editor)



by Bill Parker