Last updated: Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Larry and Jeannette Family Pictures

06  8 11  Jeannette w 5 youngest at Duxbury Reef, Stimson Beach, N of SFran, CA

06  8 11  Jeannette w 5 youngest at  Marine World, Vallejo

09  5 28  Dad wi his 'Classic' Mustang at L&J's, Highland, Utah RED30PCT CRPD W1000  P5280283

09  5 28  Dad w granddaughter, Lorraine Hilton, post-grad at Marriott Center  P5280324

09  5 28  Larry, Lorraine, Jeannette, after HS grad ceremony, Marriott Center RED1000W  P5280328

09  5 28  Lorraine sits on stand as Honor Graduate, HS, Marriott Center RED70PCT CRPD 1000W  P5280316

09  5 28  Lorraine, honor grad on stand CRPD to W1000  P5280317

09  5 28  Present left for Dad at Jeannette's by Warren & Shar re Dad's BD CRPD RED800W  P5280331

Mormon Battlion blood  (Scroll to "Savage, Levi, Junior"):
Direct ancestors of all in this picture are Levi Savage, Jr., Company D, and Thomas Karren, Company E.
Though perhaps not direct ancestors, there are two Hatches in Company C.
13  2 QQ  Hiltons at Mormon Battalion Monument, San Diego.JPG
Note: Are the number of stars (28) in the flags correct for 1847?