Updated January 1, 2015

The Home Page of My Daughter:

Erica Marie de Gaston

 FLASH:   Erica's 3rd baby is a girl named Lucy Abigail who was born on September 20th at 00:09 AM.  Weight and length were 6 lbs 14 oz and 19.5".      Picture may be seen by scrolling to the page's bottom.  

Erica's engagement to Patrick Lewis, August 25 to December 17, 2005

Ninth of 11 children, Erica was born October 30, 1984, in Provo, Utah.
      Erica is an all American girl!
You had better believe it too. Three years after graduating from prestigious Timp View High School in 2002, she finished University at BYU with a Utah State high school teaching credential, and was hired by Timp View to teach Algebra the Fall of 2005! She completed the Ogden Marathon on May 21, 2005 in better than the 3h 38' 19" shown in the accompanying photo series as she started about a minute back in the pack!

05  5 21  Erica runs Ogden Marathon_series-of-4

Here you say Erica with 2 of her girl friends after the St. George Marathon, October 1, 2005. In the background you see the white St. George Temple, and the colorful red cliffs that surround much of St. George.  Erica completed 4 marathons this year. CONGRATULATIONS!

05 10  1  Erica w 2 friends after S George Marathon w medals red40pct crpd  CIMG0561

Erica, At dinner with Dad August 23, 2004, in Provo

04  8 23  Erica at dinner with Dad, Provo red35pct  P8231687.JPG

Erica,about April 1, 2005...now a graduating senior from Brigham Young University

Erica,about April 1, 2005

Erica, High School Senior Photograph, Fall Semester, 2001

Erica's Senior Picture, Timpview HS, Sep 2001 at 16 years of age

Erica, August, 1996, at 11 years, 9 months of age

Erica at 11 years of age

Erica, October, 2001

Erica leaps in living room, October, 2001

Erica, October 10, 1999

Erica in kitchen

Erica with Timpview High School Song Leaders group, Fall 2002

Erica with Timpview High School Song Leaders group, Fall 2002

Erica's high school graduation picture with Scott, Lorena, Sharleen, Catherine, and Mother

Erica's graduation picture with Scott, Lorena, Sharleen, Catherine, and Mother

10 12 25  Lewis Family Xmas pic of   [W800].jpg
10 12 25  Lewis Family Xmas message  003.jpg

Payson Asher Lewis

Erica and her Dad, Neal, holding Payson Asher Lewis on October 9, 2007 --- 8 days old.  Payson was born at 10:46 AM, October 1, 2007, at the Tucson's NW Hospital at 6 lbs. 9 oz, and 19 in.

07 10  9  Erica w 1st baby, Payson Asher Lewis, 30th grchld of Dad-Grandpa Neal RED30PCT  PA090016    07 10  9  Dad w Payson Asher Lewis, 30th grchld, Erica's 1st RED 30PCT  PA090020

Payson's first picture: Here is the 1st ultrasound picture
(Click for 10w 4d ultrasound picture and more!)

Kenneth Max Lewis

Here are pictures of Erica and Kenneth Max within a few hours of his birth on October 9, 2010 at 7lb 10oz weight and 18.5" length.

10  5 10  Erica holding Kenneth just born  IMAG0085 [460 Wide].jpg

10 12  Kenneth Max Lewis pic Dec, birth info of 10-5-10  001 [W1094] [W500].jpg

Lucy Abigail Lewis

Here is a picture of Patrick holding Lucy Abigail within a few hours of her birth on September 20, 2013 at 6lb 14oz weight and 19.5" length.

13  9 20  Patrick holding Lucy Abigail just delivered by Erica, 00_09, 19_5in, 6lb 14oz

Christmas 2014 Family Picture

14 12 25  Lewises, Erica, Patrick, Kenny, Lucy, Payson  001.jpg