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Parents and Siblings of

A. Neal de Gaston, Senior.

My father is Paul Robert de Gaston.
   My paternal grandfather is August Hugo Bach de Gaston.
      August's father's line will be seen in genealogy with the last name of "Bach".
   My paternal grandmother is Anna Maria Hermann. (Burial information)

My mother is Cleona Alvenia Heywood
   My maternal grandfather is Joseph Neal Heywood, Junior.
   My maternal grandmother is Alvenia Savage

My father, Paul Robert de Gaston, about 1932. and my mother, Cleona Heywood, about 1935


Marriage Certificate

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My father's first wife was Violet.
   Paul Robert de Gaston, Junior (I believe, and the first of two)
      He died when his ship was bombed in WWII.
My father's second wife was Grace Fredrickson (or -sen).
   Paul Robert de Gaston, Junior, married to Violet. He died of lung cancer probably in 1980.
            Jeannette and I visited him in 1978-79.
            Amelia (born about 1988)
            Sarah (born about 1990)
      Paul Robert
   Raoul (Rollo) Hugo de Gaston, born May 26, 1929, married to Margarete.
My father's third wife was Cleona Heywood.
   Alexis Neal de Gaston  (This is I.), born May 27, 1937
   Camilla ("Cami") Cleona Theodora, born October 1, 1939 (married William E. Melbourne)
   Gloria, Fleuraine, born May 22, 1942 (married William Boone)
   Raymond, Evans de Gaston, born July 27, 1946 (married to Debbi)

Can you recognize Dad's father in this picture?