Here you will find some pages from A. Neal de Gaston's

Missionary Diary

as well as photographs and other materials

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Farewell Program Portrait

Picture at time of leaving home (taken at Ramo-Wooldridge)

Portrait taken in Winnipeg winter of 59-60

Neal & Elder Robert Transtrum  1960  9 29  001.jpg

God Richly Blessed Me:

Our Mission Newsletter was sent out at the beginning of each month, and had statistics through the preceding month. Here you can see I was leading the Mission with 11 baptisms for July and 18 for the year (President C. P. Hilton in scoring gave a 1/2 point or 1/2 baptism to each missionary for each convert." But in common nomenclature each companion has had a baptism when together they baptize a convert.  If a missionary goes home with only one baptism, is he supposed to say that he had only a "1/2 Baptism" on his mission?

At the time of writing this note I believe that I had a total of 22 baptisms by the time I left. As you can see in the letter below President Hilton writes for me to do before leaving August 25, "I hope that you can bring in your contacts for baptism and complete the unfinished work that needs your personal attention."

Baptizing in the La Crosse River near Sparta, Wisconsin

(or maybe the Sparta River)