More Pictures and History of Dad,

A. Neal de Gaston, Senior

Dad graduates from Franklin Avenue
Elementary School, June 1949.

Dad, Don Murphy, Mrs. Parsons,
Philip Clar, and Gordon Shutz are
shown enlarged at the right.

Below is the entire class of graduates, all 38 of us (and there were also in the classroom the half-year behind students as in those days a child started to school according to age twice a year).  Time has proven that our large class did better in later years on SAT-type tests than today's students from smaller classes! Today's teachers cry about 55 to 60 in a class room with one teacher...poor boobs (meaning the techers).


Pictures from my Senior Year, 1955,
John Marshall High School, Los Angeles

Neal, High School Senior Class picture.

Appointment to the Military Academies,
after I previously declined the Naval Academy.

Dad, 19 years old at Los Angeles County Fair, September 1956

56  9  _  Dad, 19 y, at LA Co Fair 2

Pictures from my college years,
1956-59, California Institute of
Technology, Pasadena

1959  Neal  Senior at Cal-Tech, Physics Option redto30pct.

Pictures from my Graduate school years,
1961-65, Brigham Young University,
Provo, Utah

65  5 26  Neal  PhD robes at BYU.


       I matriculated late, applying soon after the birth of David in 1976 on June 12. We sold our home in Orange, California, and moved to El Paso, Texas in August where I then entered medical school somewhat late, especially considering that it was a two-year accelerated program for Ph.D.s Twenty-two months later I graduated, and here is my graduation certificate. During this "back-to-school" interval I had also passed the ECFMG and FLEX (Federal Licensing Examination equivalent to the National Boards taken by American medical students, but all at one sitting rather than having year long pauses between each of a series of exams.

Acta de Examen Profesionel fr Unv Autonoma de Cd Juarez  1978