My Brother

Raymond Rolf Evans
de Gaston

Born July 27, 1946

Raymond Evans de Gaston  Shannon Rd. HS
Raymond in front of Shannon Road home while in high school (1963?)

Cami, Grandma and Grandpa Heywood, and Gloria, with Raymond in front.
The place is Granpa's doctor's office in Snowflake, Arizona.
The Date is June 6, 1958.

Raymond_May 1950 at Shannon Rd 3 y 10 m old

Raymond at 3 Years 10 months posing in the tree, and then with Mother, seemingly distracted by what is in the bag.
**May 1950 **

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Raymond  1955 Summer w friend Lake Arrowhead
Raymond (he is the small guy!) with a friend at Lake Arrowhead,
Summer of 1955

2004 rcd  Raymond wi astronaut Frank Culbertson receives Silver Snoopy  Award
Raymond receives the NASA Silver Snoopy Award, here presented to him by
Astronaut Frank Culbertson. This picture is taken after Raymond grew up, and had obtained a
Ph.D. in Control Sytems Theory (taken before 2004 when I received it).

"Arabic Dance Medley"